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So what is going on with Watson Oxycodone?
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    Default So what is going on with Watson Oxycodone?

    Watson has name brand Oxycontin and makes generic oxycodone. I was told by my dr. that they are going to STOP MAKING the generic version. Is this true??

    I have a major issue with that since I have tried other generic versions (Endo and Teva) and they both gave me MAJOR stomach issues. My insurance won't pay for the name brand if there is generic available. My regular pharmacist knows my issues abt. this and tells me that she has a big stock of the generic, but of course they will eventually run out. I am on the 20's if it matters.

    Does anyone have any info abt. Watson stopping production of generic oxy?

    Thanks so much!

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    I just picked up 48 watson 10/650s today, so I dont think so. If anything I find it harder to get Endocet, since its older and they said they might stop making them, which I actually like better than the Watsons.

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