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Suboxone usage
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    Default Suboxone usage

    I have a question regarding the use of suboxone with the intention of kicking a >>>>>>e habit.
    I've been on opiates for a few years now and have recently decided to quit.

    I was wondering thus:
    If I were to take suboxone for 7 days, long enough to get through the dope sickness and withdrawal, could I then stop taking the suboxone and not have any recurring withdrawals from the dope? I know that doctors are prescribing suboxone to people for months and months at a time - I don't want to become dependent on the medication. I know that if I use it in the method in which I'm describing, after that initial week, I would have to summon the will power not to relapse... but I want to know if in theory, I could use suboxone in this method to completely bypass the withdrawals and dope sickness from the >>>>>>e.

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    There's not going to be a way to bypass feeling WD, have to accept that it's going to be rough going through the process of getting clean. I have no experience with subs but I have read a LOT on this site about them. It seems apparent to me that they do not help when used in the way you're considering using them. Read up on the sub protocol, and think long and hard about doing it according to Roberts' plan...if you do it properly, you only have to do it once.

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    Hey man, I recently had a bad >>>>>> addiction as well and used suboxone to get off I posted my entire story in the "need to talk" section of the forum

    To answer your question, No, you can't take it just for a week and have no withdrawals because suboxone is an opiate as well infact its withdrawals are ten times worse than >>>>>> (you will need to go to the hospital if you just jump off of it) HOWEVER if you use suboxne right and take the time to taper off you can get off with very little to no discomfot at all. It does take time tho. You will need to get adjusted to the suboxone (probably a month) then taper down one miligram every 4 days. Just search for "roberts taper plan" hes helped thousands of people on this forum get off suboxone using his taper method and its done me wonders.

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    genX here is the link.

    please DO NOT do it as eternal rest suggested (above) it is not 1mg every 4 days if you read this link you will see it is 25% every 4 days...

    eternal rest, you need to check your information, you say you used the link, but you are quoting the wrong figures, this could be dangerous to someone trying to get clean. you should be clear before you go directiing people with inaccurate information.

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    hello friend, first we are all here to help; well most of us are. you need to follow a protocol that has lead many many people to a successful detox. step one print out some of these COWS sheets

    next you need to be a 26 on the chart b4 you induct on the suboxone
    once there this is the protocol that has worked for so many and is in the process of working on me as we speak. i started @32mgs a day 3-4 years ago and am down to 2 mgs now on day 4 feeling fine as wine(excuse the pun) sorry the protocol is below
    i just realized he included a link to the COWS(clinical opiate withdrawal symptoms) in his post.
    this is the way many here have become successful; i truly hope this info helps you.

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    i bet his 25% was 1 mg; good catch though, and sorry if i posted the same info; the url was different, just trying to help and lower the stress mr robert is under with so many requesting his help personally.

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    yes 25% may have been 1mg but only breifly. its always changing as your dose reduces

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