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Suboxone and vicodin problem!!! HELP!!!
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    Exclamation Suboxone and vicodin problem!!! HELP!!!

    Hello guys. I have a much needed answered question because I am absolutly miserable right now! Hopefully this forum is fairly active and I'll get a quick response. I will absolutly contribute throughout my stay as well...

    Ok heres my dilemma. I've been on 8mg of suboxone everyday for about 5 months. (if you need to know I am an ex addict of opiats) Anyways, the other day I had a terrible breakout on my leg that was later diagnosed at the ER as cellulitus and it was VERY PAINFUL! The ER doc prescribed me twelve 5mg vicodins for the pain. I did not tell the doc that I was on suboxone because it seems like everytime someone (especially a medical person) finds out I'm on it, the entire mood changes and I get treated terribly. I went and filled the vicodin prescription and took six yesterday (the suboxone blocked EVERYTHING, I felt NOTHING! Not even pain relief. I had taken my Sub that morning). Today I took the other six and again felt NOTHING! My problem is I'm feeling sick from not taking my suboxone today, the vicodin didn't do anything so now I'm having withdraws from not taking the suboxone I've been taking for 5 months. My question is can I now take a suboxone?! I know that taking a sub after a opiate too soon can cause immediate withdraw but obviously theres still suboxone in my system and the opiate never even had a chance to attach to my receptors! I'm totally confused on what to do, I cant seem to find an answer for this ANYWHERE! I just want to take my suboxone and move on, the antibiotics have already started clearing up the infection. I see that if your on opiates then you have to wait about 12-24 hours before you can take a suboxone. But what if the opiates didnt even have a chance to attach to the receptors??? It seems to me that I'd be fine continuing the subs! I just really don't want to go into a precipitated withdraw, I've done it before and its hell. It just seems very unlikely.... can anyone help?

    Thank you SO MUCH in advanced to anyone who replies....

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    I would not take any suboxone today. It's not worth chancing the precipitated w/d. Some people get away with it but I wouldn't risk it. It's just a day. I would give it until tomorrow afternoon and in the future always tell a dr about the subs. They are there to help you not to judge.

    I can help you if you want to get off the subs. I've been doing this for years here, did it myself and have over nine years clean now after using opiates 35 years. Let me know if I can help you.

    My computer is down for a few days and I'm using my wife's while mine is repaired. So I'm on and off the forum for a few days but I'll post back when I'm able if you want to get off the sub merry go round. God bless.

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    Yea well I'm in the process of weaning myself off now, I started at 16mg and now I'm down to 8. But any advice is greatly appreciated. I went ahead and took a quarter of the sub to see what happens, I was feeling really bad. The way I looked at it was if I never felt the vicodin in the first place then what could have possibly made me sick?! I was feeling pretty bad. I don't think the suboxone will make me feel any WORSE. I may feel the same or the best scenario would be BETTER, I'll keep you updated!

    EDIT - I know you say that the medical staff is there to help and not judge but they're human too. Trust me when I say WHENEVER I tell a doc or nurse that I'm on suboxone the entire mood changes in the room!
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