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Subuxone for pain management.
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    Exclamation Subuxone for pain management.

    My new pain specalist wants me to go through 7 days of detox in the hospital and then switch from Morphine ER 100MG x 4 a day and Morphine IR 15MG x 4 a day to Subuxone 50MG x 2 a day.

    I have been on the same Morphine dosage for 3 years in order to control severe abdominal pain from Crohn's Disease. I have never abused my medication, I have never used any illegal drugs and my pain has been validated as being caused by swelling in my digestive track and abdominal wall.

    I usually see a pain specalist once a year to see if there may be better pain management options available and this year my doctor asked that I see a new doctor, one who practices at his hospital in order for him to have access to all of my medical records as in the past he has had a difficult time accessing information from my previous pain specalist.

    Any way the new doctor was up front and wants me off the Morphine. He assured me that Subuxone is a better treatment option and will control the pain more effectively. Upon asking my pharmacist about the drug, he laughed at me and told me that I was being treated as a drug addict and that Subuxone has no FDA approval for pain management. Confronted with this information I did some of my own research and I have found serveral posts that have argued that Subuxone is a nightmare drug, others have reported stellar results. Unpon contacting my local hospital, I was told that if I start Subuxone treatments they will not be able to treat me in the ER for break through pain or any other issue related to my Crohn's Disease.

    I have brought these concerns to my doctor and he agreed that I would need to travel 50 miles to his hospital in order to receive treatment after switch to Subuxone. But at the same time he still thinks Subuxone is a better treatment option over Morphine, but also agreed that there might be a need to switch back to Morphine at a later date as some people have not responded well.

    The issue has damaged my relationship with my family doctor as the new pain specalist made it out as if I had said something I had not.

    Has anyone used Subuxone for pain management? If so how do you feel about it's overall affect? Are there any side effects? I have heard from several posts that Subuxone gives an euphoric high. Is this true? I can not stand the feeling of being "high", I don't even drink, because I hate being "buzzed".

    I have tried other drugs such as Fentynol, Opana ER, Stadol and they were either too strong or did not work or had other horrible sideeffects. Tordol works the best at control the pain, but I can only take it via IV and for only 5 days in a 60 day period. HOnestly I wish I could take tordol all the time as it works best at eliminating my pain all together. I know that tordol is just an anti-inflamitory, but it works, it really works and other NSAIDS don't.

    Any ideas or recommendations?

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    First, could you clarify? You say 50 mg. suboxone, 2 times a day? Do you mean .5 mg? 50 mg. is a crazy high dose so you must have misheard something or mistyped it. Sub comes in either 2 mg. pills or 8 mg. pills. No one is on 100 mg. a day of sub. Secondly, sub is not the best medicine for pain and if you're on a high dose or even a moderate dose, you won't be able to take anything for breakthrough pain because sub binds to the receptors and doesn't let any other opiates in. That's why it works for addiction. I would speak to the docctor again, really and let us know what dose you mean.

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