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Synthroid and Chest Pain!
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    Default Synthroid and Chest Pain!

    I had been on Synthroid for 30 some years. In the year 2000 my doc. wanted to try me on natural hormone, he said most people feel better on the natural. So I said, "Sure, let's try it." As soon as I started on the natural hormone, I started to get severe chest pains! So he took me off the natural and put me back on Synthroid. MORE severe chest pains!! We then went through months of trying every kind of thyroid meds that there are on the market, natural and synthetic - and of course - SEVERE CHET PAINS with ALL of them!!! I have not been able to take any thyroid meds now since 2001 AND I CAN HARDLY FUNCTION!!!!!!!! I have to do something, so I just started 2 days ago cutting a 25 mg Synthroid in half and taking it with food and I am a little tight in the chest, it's not as severe but it's very uncomfortable and I don't like the feeling. It seems to ache from my heart clear through to my back! It really scares me. What the heck is the med. doing to me? Is it harming my heart? Could I have become allergic to thyroid med. after 30 some years on it? My doc seems to think I should just tough it out and try to put up with the pain. BUT on the paper that comes with the Synthroid it says: Severe Side Effects that you should report to your doc. at once - CHEST PAIN!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi RockLady,
    I have been taking Synthroid .100mg for 10 years & know that if I have a dose change..or generic brand is given I do notice a change in heart rate. I know that the chest pain is a very frightening feeling & can often keep us from doing normal activities because we're afraid of having a heart attack or fear the absolute worst. It seems to me that your dr. isn't taking this seriously. As the patient, you can request several procedures/tests to be done to rule out any underlying heart condition. I would ask that an echocardiogram be done, EKG or holter monitor because we only get one heart & we have to take control of our healthcare and your dr. works for you. It would at the least ease your mind of anything being serously wrong with your heart. It may not be the medication but you really won't know until you ask your dr. to pursue other avenues. I hope you feel better soon.
    Many blessings,

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