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Is Tramadol addictive?
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    Smile Is Tramadol addictive?

    Does anyone have any information on the long term usage of Tramadol? I take it
    for pain instead of percocet (my nighttime medicine) for my migraines and trigeminal neuralgia when I am at work. The prescription is for one pill 3 times a day but I find myself taking one about every 3 hours. I also work 2 jobs, 1 full time and 1 part time.
    This is my 2nd week of taking Topamax. I can already see an improvement in the intensity and frequency of my migraines. About 3 weeks ago I started on Cymbalta for my trigeminal neuralgia and it has worked wonders on my nerve pain. I highly recommend it and no side effects either!
    If the Tramadol is addictive I have no problem going back to 3 a day. This is such a mild medicine I was just curious.

    Thank you for your replies,
    Miss Kitty4

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    Yes teamadol is addictive and will likely be reschedualed later next year as a opiate.Also chronic use at high doses can lead to siezures so you should really be only using it when you feel your headache coming on.Remember that these are weak(tramadol and percocet) and quick acting not long lasting meds which make them usefull only when you have the pain.If your looking at taking opiates chronically then you should look into oxycontin (12hr oxycodone) or ms contin (12hr morphine).Using these other drugs will just give you a high tolerence and you will need the much stronger drugs to do the same as a percocet which isn't good.....Good luck....Dave

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    Default yes it can be addictive

    and I think mpvt means it may be rescheduled as an opioid, since it has no opium poppy material in it. It is a synthetic opioid, which means it triggers the opiate/opioid receptors in the brain the same way opiates do. Yes it is addictive but its not an opiate, it is completely synthetic hence the opioid name. Yes it can be addictive, I however was taking quite a bit of tramadol before I got into vikodin, dilaudids, oxys, fentynal, etc etc. I did them all including >>>>>>. However before I started any of the harder opiates I had done tramadol for quite a while and quit it cold turkey at about 10+ 50mg pills a day almost no problem for around two years. After 2 years I picked up vicodins and gradually scaled my drug use up eventually leading to >>>>>>. I think everybody has different effects towards tramadol. I have read here that quite a few people here have a hard time giving it up, but from my personal experience it wasn't that hard, with little to any withdrawel effects other than being a little annoyed for two days, nothing like quitting harder opiates/>>>>>>. I know this may not be the information you want to hear, but when I quit tramadol, I smoked some weed for about a week, and that really helped probably keep me unaware of some of the side effects it may have had. Weed helped me sleep, took my pain away, and overall for a while was a better pain relieve. I actually ended up getting a medical marijuana card here in California for a couple years, after quitting tramadol, but then started taking vics at the end of my med card days. I sometimes wish I just stuck with the medical marijuana, it didnt come with all the withdrawl effects that opiates/opioids tend to come with after long time use for pain relief. Hope any of this info helps. If you arent a marijuana smoker and tend to not mind the stigma of using technical street drugs, I would give med mj a try. I grew my own very shortly after starting to smoke, and it saved me a lot of money after starting to grow my own. I also never ran out. Hope you dont have any issues with tramadol. Good luck. PS. I now dont smoke weed or do any of the opiates. I am on an opioid methadone. Since I got addicted cause of opiate use turned abuse. I really wish I stuck with med mj now. It really seemed to help just as good and was way less addicting.

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