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Tramadol + Alcohol
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    Default Tramadol + Alcohol

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. This is my first post, after years of reading hundreds of threads in this awesome and helpful forum.

    So My buddy was in a car accident and was prescribed tramadal (ultram 50mg). He plans to take 100mg, wait and see how He feels, and then if need be take maybe 50 mg more to achieve a nice level.

    1.5 hours ago he consumed 2 drinks. If he completely sobered up from the alcohol over the course of 2 hours would it be safe to take the 100 mg? I was thinking he waits 1.5-2.5 hours post consumption of the alcohol it should be safe to take the pills. Thoughts?

    Lasty, he would be taking these pretty late at night and doesnt wanna just fall asleep. Will these help to keep him stay awake?

    Thanks in advance for replies guys. I appreciate it.

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    -He is also opioid naive.
    -earlier today he took 1.5mg klonopin (benzo) which will lower seizure potential.
    -He also takes topirimate which is an anti convulsant

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