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tranax 1
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    Default tranax 1

    does anybody know anything about this product?

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    I did a google search looking for information on Tranax-1. All I could find was your post. I take / took Zanax (Alprazolam) and switched to Tranax (more or less). I ordered Zanax on-line and received Tranax.

    I am taking the Tranax in the same dosage as the Zanax, 2 mg per day. Since taking it only 5 days, I find that it isn't as powerful as Zanax. I can feel Zanax "kick-in" after about 20 minutes. The Tranax I never feel the kick-in, but I "know" it is working.

    Tranax also seams to carry longer. It doesn't seam to kick-in fast but it doesn't appear to kick-out fast either.

    Can you tell me what you know about Tranax?

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    rusty is offline Junior Member
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    Sorry, I could not find anything on Tranax on the internet, but did find just about every other foreign brand name for alprazolam, which may help someone out there

    Drug Classes: Anxiolytics; Benzodiazepines; Sedatives/hypnotics

    BRAND NAMES: Xanax; Xanax XR

    Alcelam (Thailand);
    Alganax (Indonesia);
    Alnax (Thailand);
    Alpaz (Peru);
    Alplax (Argentina);
    Alpralid (Israel);
    Alpram (Korea);
    Alpranax (Israel);
    Alprax (India);
    Alprocontin (India);
    Alprox (Israel, Taiwan);
    Altraxic (Philippines);
    Alviz (Indonesia);
    Alzam (South Africa);
    Alzax (Korea);
    Alzolam (India);
    Anpress (Thailand);
    Ansiopax (Chile);
    Anxirid (South Africa);
    Anzion (Thailand);
    Apo-Alpraz (Canada, Singapore);
    Azor (South Africa);
    Calmlet (Indonesia);
    Cassadan (Germany);
    Constan (Japan);
    Dixin (Colombia);
    Dizolam (Singapore);
    Drimpam (South Africa);
    Feprax (Indonesia);
    Frixitas (Indonesia);
    Frontal (Brazil);
    Kalma (Taiwan);
    Kinax (Taiwan);
    Marzolam (Thailand);
    Neupax (Mexico);
    Nirvan (Colombia);
    Pacyl (India);
    Panix (South Africa);
    Pharnax (Thailand);
    Prinox (Argentina);
    Restyl (Israel);
    Sapram (Korea);
    Solanax (Japan);
    Tafil (Costa Rica, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela);
    Tafil D (Mauritius);
    Tensivan (Colombia);
    Trankimazin (Spain);
    Tranquinal (Ecuador, Peru);
    Tricalma (Chile, Peru);
    Valeans (Italy);
    Xanacine (Thailand);
    Xanagis (Israel);
    Xanax TS (Canada);
    Xanolam (South Africa);
    Xanor (Austria, Finland, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden);
    Zacetin (Korea);
    Zanapam (Korea);
    Zolam (India);
    Zopax (South Africa);
    Zotran (Chile);
    Zypraz (Indonesia)

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    Default Tranax

    I couldnt find anything, but I have a friend who works for a private toxicology company, and they do this sort of thing all the time. If you have a tranax pill, you have find out excately what it is. The company is called Expertox and it is out of deer park, tx. My friends name is Keith, ask for him

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    Lightbulb tranax-1 identified

    i know this an old message, but i have gotten a mailorder package of tranax-1 when i order alprozolm 2ml, it turns out the tranax-1 is the equiv. to xanax or alpro. 1ml, they sent a 180 of the tranax-1. this was i candian ordor. i'm also on back pain med so it will likely tack a few days to be sure if two tranax-1 are = to 2ml of xanax. hope this help someone

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    Mr sensible is offline New Member
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    Talking Tranax = Xanax

    Tranax-1 is simply a 1mg alprazolam made by Cipla, a highly respescted Indian company who have been instrumental in making cheap anti-retrovirals for HIV patients in poorer countries, so its credentials are not in doubt. I have a blister pack from a very reputable supplier and it has the red line showing it's a scheduled drug, and "Alprazolam 1mg IP". The IP bit just means it is made to the standards required by the Indian government, just as uk meds are all "BP" and US ones "USP". Cipla is a huge operation, not some backstreet lab, so what you have is exactly what an anxious Indian might be prescribed by their doctor and would receive from the Indian equivalent of Boots (The UKs biggest pharmacy chain). Unless anyone thinks Indians are prepared to put up with chalk or rat poison from a pharmacy, which would be plain racism!
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    i just got them today so i.m not really sure yet.

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    I have been taking tranax for a long time I took them to the c.c college I was going to I had my friend in the lab test them he said that regular Xanax has 17 binders in them he took the tranax tested them they have 17 binders to. binders are like DNA you get a read out about the medication both pills had exactly the same binders in them its like nutrition facts on food that's how it reads example .08 axon .01 belon these are made up names but tranax is better it last longer and hits you faster every body else who says the green bars are the best, the yellow bars are the best ,the gg249 are the best so on and so on its the placebo effect. But any ways can you give me the info so I can order like 1000 blister packs of tranax mail order only with tracking # my guy minginder he wont answer my text it was great he would send me the pills and I would pay him later he would have me send out medication for doing that I would get free tranax but please help me I get seizures and really need them thank you very much

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