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From US Working In Romania and out of Suboxone... OPTIONS???
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    Default From US Working In Romania and out of Suboxone... OPTIONS???

    I need some information. I guess first a little background. I was big into oxy's and roxy's for some time. I started on Suboxone about 8 months ago. I travel a lot with work and some is on short notice. As was this current trip. My boss called me on Friday and said I needed to go to Romania the following Monday. I ended up leaving on late Monday night and wasn't able to reach the doctor before I left. Needless to say I am in Romania and nearly out of suboxone. I will obviously go into withdrawal if I can't figure out a way to get some. I am in good standing with my doctor and will call them Monday morning to see if they can help. I should be able to have my wife mail them to me? Does anyone know the legalities of that?

    Other option is to get some in Romania. I don't speak Romanian so communication in this country is tough. Most people don't speak English very well. I have tried finding information about what I need to do to get it here but I am not having much success. That is why I have turned to you all for help. Does anyone know if Suboxone films or tablets or any of its generic forms are sold in this country? Subutex, Zubsolv, Temgesic, Buprenex, Norspan and Butrans. If they are, how do I legally obtain them here? I will be here for a month and I know I won't be able to perform my job going through withdrawals.

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    Wish I could help, but my advice is probably not right for this, hope you get some answers!

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