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valium and xanax for opiate withdrawals
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    Default valium and xanax for opiate withdrawals

    i am about to detox and can get hold of valium and xanax. my question is that is it okay to take them both at the same time? like do i take valium during the day and then xanax when i need to sleep? how should i do it? i can get 10 of each is that enough?

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    i would call a pharmacy and ask them. I wouldnt recommend it, i wouldnt recommend benzos at all unless your in a detox unit, but thats just becasue i had a bad detox from ativan and it really was terrible. But for the safety, just call a pharmacist, tell them you were prescribed them but wanted to make sure it was safe.

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    If you choose to take benzo's, be very, very, very careful to not get dependant on either. I've come off of 200mg's of oxy a day after being on it a year and a half and I can honestly say that coming off of Ativan after under 2 months use (Including the time it took to wean which was almost double the length I was on it) was worse. Benzo's and Barbs are not to be ????ed with. I would take PK w/d any day over benzo. Your life is not at risk when coming off of PK's. You get through the first week and start to feel better, in fact you will notice improvements after the first 4-5 days, but its definitely a mental battle for a long time afterwards if you're abusing them. I was on them for pain and its still difficult to this day not to resort to them when I am in pain, due to the fact that they are easily accesible to me.

    In summary, I got dependant on Ativan after 2 and a half weeks of heavy daily usage. 2 and half weeks. I had no idea that was possible. I didnt even think about it, just stopped taking them and by the evening I was in horrendous withdrawal that was causing significant anxiety, so I took a couple Ativan and it eased. Called my doctor a few days later and was put on a proper wean, but even then, its extremely hard mentally. It feels like theres a layer of your brain peeled off. It does come back though, as long as its not very prolonged usage.

    Be ????ing careful. If I were you I wouldnt mix the Xanax and Valium, take one or the other, at the very least to start. Figure out the lowest doses you can take of either to find some relief, and dont expect it to make the PK w/d's go away. They will ease your anxiety and help to ease some symptoms, but they won't make you feel good and you need to know that going in. Use as little as possible for the first week, week and a half at the most and then stop and don't use them again. There isnt much widespread knowledge about how horrible they are to be addicted or dependant on, but dont let it fool you.

    .5 Xanax or 10mg Valium to start. One or the other. Can't stress enough that they arent going to eliminate the withdrawals, so dont expect that, because you'll end up taking dose after dose after dose until you pass out, still feeling like ????. It's also risky as hell to do that.
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    Pick up melatonin as well. Take 3mg's a night. Make sure you're not too sedated from benzo's when you do though, just in case, as it does add to the sedation.

    Get green tea (Decaf preferably) and chamomile tea as well. Work out as much as possible. Take hot showers. Drink a ???? load of fluids, take all your vitamins, eat as well as possible and most importantly think extremely positive. Meditation helps a lot too, but it takes some practise to get the hang of it.

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