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Vintage pharmaceuticals Zolpidem is bunk
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    Default Vintage pharmaceuticals Zolpidem is bunk

    The Vintage Pharmaceuticals Zolpidem that I got from my local drugstore doesn't work at all. I am 100 percent sure there is no active ingredient in it, at all. I have had a long break from Ambien but when I used to use the torrent 10mg Zolpidems as well as the Brand name 10mb Ambiens, I would be seeing colors and would barely be able to get to the bathroom before hopping into bed. The vintage zolpidems not only dont do that, they in fact do nothin. It's like taking a multivitamin. They have a V on one side and 6469 on the other side. If your local pharmacy tries to give these to you, refuse to take them. I am going back to the regual 10mg Ambiens(I prefer them to the 12.5mg cr's)

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    I just got a prescription for them yesterday, and also felt little to nothing from it. Gonna see about having my doctor write a prior authorization to the insurance company for the name brand Ambien, which people say works much much better.

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