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Welbutrin XL and alchohol
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    Default Welbutrin XL and alchohol

    Hello. Three months ago I visited my doctor for issues involving lack of focus, depression, and anxiety. I am a college student and wasn't sure if the depression and anxiety was arising from my lack of ability to focus on my school work or if I was unable to focus because of depression and anxiety from other parts of my life. I have been taking 20mg adderall XR for 3 months. While I have a much easier time focusing, I am still depressed and anxious. Today I visited my doctor, and she was trying to figure out which antidepressant medication would work well with adderall without negative effects. She told me Welbutrin would, until 40 minutes after leaving her office she called me saying that I should not take them together, and am going to have to choose one or the other. Therefore, since my anxiety and depression is more adversely affecting my life in comparison to my lack of focus, I am going to stop taking adderall, but take Welbutrin instead. Tomorrow I will begin taking Welbutrin XL, and I believe I am going to start with a 150mg dose.

    As a college student, I'm sure you can imagine that I do like to drink. However, I never drink more than once or twice a week. But when I do, I often try to drink as much as I can without feeling sick because I struggle with severe social anxiety and shyness, and alcohol is the only way I can genuinely go out to bars/clubs with my friends and have a good time. After some research I've found that mixing Welbutrin and alcohol is a bad idea. But while the Welbutrin may help my depression, I don't think that I'll be capable of going out with my friends and having a good time without alcohol. That sounds horrible, but if you have crippling social anxiety and shyness, you would understand. So, is it really THAT dangerous to be drinking on Welbutrin maybe once or twice a week? Would I be able to avoid the negative side effects if I simply don't take it on the day that I plan to drink? Obviously my mental health is more important than my ability to drink, but I have anti social tendencies that add to my depression, and I have been trying to break them by going out with my friends more, which can only be enjoyed while I'm drunk. What do you guys think? Is it something I'll just have to try on my own because different people have different interactions, or is it without a doubt a bad idea?

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    For whatever reason I cannot figure out how to edit my original post but I'd like to add that I haven't voiced my concern about alcohol with my doctor because I don't want to appear to be a binge drinker of any sort. Because I feel like that would cause my doctor to become more hesitant in prescribing me medication, thinking that I might abuse it.

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