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Wellbutrin XL and Valium?
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    Default Wellbutrin XL and Valium?

    Hello I am new, I am hoping someone can offer some advice on a situation I am questioning:

    I just began taking Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for the past three weeks. Two days ago I was hit with the news of the second death in the family for this year so far. I am handling everything well but I am a bit concerned because my family is pressuring me to speak at the funeral and they are not aware of the fact that I am suffering from depression as well as anxiety. Even though I have been feeling a little better from the Wellbutrin I am considering asking my doctor for something else (possibly a low dose of Valium) to ease my symptoms when I plan on speaking.

    Does anyone know of any interactions or negative side effects of this combination?

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    Hello, I ran across your post and thought maybe I could help. It is very common for a doctor to prescribe a benzodiazapine ( Valium,Ativan,Xanax)
    drug to the mix with a antidepressant or similar med. Myself I take wellbutrin and my doctor added Ativan(Lorazepam) to help with my anxiety. I was feeling like giving up on Wellbutrin but stuck with it its been 6 months and I don't even take the benzo, I do not need it. I guess its working !!!
    Sorry to hear about the family members.

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