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Why is 4mg of Hydromorphone having less of an effect than 2mg?
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    Default Why is 4mg of Hydromorphone having less of an effect than 2mg?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this)

    I've been on prescription opioids for about a month now (been on other painkillers since August of 2014). Started with 5mg Oxycodone for a week, which didn't help my pain at all. 2mg of Hyrdromorphone for a week which at least got me to the point where I wasn't prepared to scream in pain, and about four days ago they gave me 3 weeks supply of 4mg of Hydromorphone. But even at 3 times a day as prescribed, this 4mg doesn't seem to be helping me at all; almost exactly like the Oxycodone did (well I guess didn't) do to me. The only difference is that I have massive headaches for a couple hours after I take it, and feel much more drained than I should (all I can do is lay in bed so I really shouldn't feel that drained to begin with). But I digress.

    Is there a reason why the 2mg of Hydromorphone would have a stronger effect on my body than the 4mg? Occam's Razor dictates that a stronger dose would have a stronger effect. I could understand that my body needs some time to adjust, but I would expect some change by now. If this persists through to next friday when they told me to call them about how its affecting me, should I attempt to move up another dosage, down to two again, or to an entirely different pill?

    Also I should elaborate on my pain. Ehlers-Danlos, and Hyper Mobility cause me to have chronic pain in my knees. Bursitis in my hips causes chronic pain, but that subsides if I am laying on my sides (I switch every hour or so). Both make it so I cannot sit up for longer than an hour or two, and the doctors have no idea how to fix the pain since two full 6-8 week land physical therapies didn't help, nor did the 8 weeks of warm water therapy. I am just adding all the details I can if that helps my question any.

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    Have you got some info on this?

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