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Xanax -- Memory Loss???
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    Default Xanax -- Memory Loss???

    Okay, I've been on Xanax for nearly a month now, and my memory is starting to really suffer. I was told by a nurse at the counseling center I go to where my psychologist and psychiatrist are, that long-term use of Xanax can lead to memory loss. But I haven't been on Xanax that long, and even though I'm prescribed 1mg 3x daily, I only usually take one or two a day.

    Anyone else experiencing memory loss after taking Xanax?

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    1mg three times a day is a strong dose each day especially if you're benzo naive and inexperienced with them. You should speak with the dr if that is the case.

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    Default Memory loss on Benzos

    I used to take Xanax and about 4 years ago was switched to Clonazepam (Klonopin) because it is longer lasting.

    YES, memory loss - short term - is very, very common.

    If you and I saw a movie a week I could not tell you if I saw it or not and if I wastched it again, it would be a whole new movie to me.

    My LONG-term memory is not affected, but YES on short term.

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    Hey Bonemeal,

    YES, I've experienced short-term memory loss from xanax - as well as from klonopin. Although I've been off of all of them for years, the short-term memory problems DO remain with me, and it's frustrating. In other words, when you stop, you'll find the memory problems will remain. You may want to consider this before you continue on with the xanax.

    Personally, I'd rather swallow a raw turtle egg than take another benzodiazepene drug - LOL - in my opinion, they are toxic. From all I've read on the subject, these drugs are intended for SHORT-TERM use only, basically, in a crisis. The detox off these drugs - even when they are NOT abused - is inevitable. And it's, by far, the worst detox I've ever experienced.

    Try to see if your doctor will explore other (non-addictive) possibilities BEFORE you continue with xanax. For starters, there is Buspar or Vistaril - both safer meds for anxiety.

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    Yes I am definatley having memory loss from Xanax I take 8mg a day and I tell you that I live my life in a cloud and cant remember the simplest thing like someones phone number. So I asked my dr about it and his solution is to cut me back to 3 2 mg per day. I still think that is high. I bet I would do well on 2mg but I have to be careful I have quite a few disorders I am treating now. so my advice to you is take the lowest dose that you require and remember that benzos get you tolerant very quickly so it seems like you always need more. be very careful and keep a journal

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