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zoloft and alcohol
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    Default zoloft and alcohol

    i have a question regarding an interaction of zoloft with alcohol.

    i am prescribed and take 100 mg of generic zoloft a day. i got pulled over by a cop last night for an expired tag, and after smelling alcohol on my breath (i'd had two beers and knew i was well under the BAC limit), i was made to go through the DUI tests. the end result was that i blew into the breath analyzer and i was only at .02 (the legal limit is .08).

    the cop had asked about what medications i was on, and i told her zoloft. after the breathalizer showed i was way below the limit, she went off on how she could arrest me because i was impaired with the interaction of the alcohol and zoloft. i was well aware that drinking alcohol while taking zoloft could increase the side-effects normally associated with the drug. but, i have never felt any and certainly would not drive if i did. as i said, i'd only had two beers in a total of 3 hours.

    my question is, how is the level of impairment caused by a drug/alcohol interaction measured? i realize that different states have different DUI laws, but i had no idea that i could be arrested for the interaction that supposedly was going on in my body that i didn't notice, nor was my BAC anywhere near the legal limit.

    any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    the cop was on a power trip.

    the interaction between zoloft and motor skills is theoretical. infact, "experiments with healthy subjects, sertraline did not potentiate cognitive or psychomotor effects associated with ethanol consumption"- Prod Info Zoloft(R), 2002v).

    BUT, the manufacturer of sertraline recommends that depressed patients be advised to avoid alcohol while using sertraline.

    so basically the cop would have no evidence that it actually causes that. unless there is a specific law that i don't believe the cop.

    having a couple in a responsible manner is ok. just don't make it a habit on that med
    "Nothing in medicine is 100%"

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