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1 month clean and still suffering a detox syptom of insomnia will this go away soon?
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    Default 1 month clean and still suffering a detox syptom of insomnia will this go away soon?

    I had been taking vics and norcos for about 5 years I was up to 20 pills a day of the 10mg I had been thinking about getting off of them for a while and last month I said no more! So I started with cutting my first day in half second day I cut the half in half 3rd day I only took 3 in the morning to get me going and by the 4th day I cut it all off and surprisingly I was feeling Ok but than the next several days were hell and I did it still continuing to work 10hours a day working a total of 50 hours that week while detoxing. My days were long and agonizing and my night were even worse with no sleep and restful legs but I didn't let that stop me I was determined to finally put this nightmare behind me and start living again. I started my week off with juicing in the morning a multiple vitamin once a day and try to have at least one good meal a day which was usually lunch because by the time I would get off work all I wanted to do was cural up in bed. Well it's been 4 weeks now and I am still going strong and don't plan on looking back! But I am now suffering from from insomnia and mild depression my body no longer hurts nor do I have cravings I just find my self at night not being able to shut my mind off and it's driving me crazy because I just want a good night sleep I tried every remedy and the last thing I want is to get a pill for that I refuse to become dependent on another pill does anyone know if this will go away soon! I know I have done 5 years of damage to my body and I can't expect it to take only a month to recop I just want some hope that this too shall pass.

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    Well, first congratulations are in order here. Nicely done. Yeah. I totally get the insomnia, think we all do. If we were to tell a non-addict that we were running on so little sleep I'm pretty sure they'd think we were full of bs. But it is what it is. I'm glad that you haven't thrown the towel in, though. Sleep is probably the last thing to return to anything near "normal" (I hate that word). I think though that you are close to the finish line here. It won't return like clock work at first. You may find that FINALLY you are able to string 4 hours together, then have a bad night or two. It's really discouraging, I know and understand well.

    I detoxed the cold turkey way 4 1/2 yrs ago and used none of the remedies recommended to me. Stupid me! I even sucked up the lack of sleep for what seemed to be forever. Stupid me again!! Then, about a month ago I was having a bit of trouble getting a good night's sleep. I happened to be in the store and spotted Melatonin and remembered that it is often recommended here for sleep. Huh. What the hay, 10 bucks? Worth a try. I took one at bedtime and wasn't surprised....nada. The next night still not finding sleep and my ole addict brain working overtime, I decided OK then, I'll try two. Lights out and good night. It actually worked! Early on in recovery, I would always scoff at the "herbal junk". Really? Like that's going to do anything to this pickled brain? Imagine my surprise.

    Keep on going. You got this licked!


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    Hi cloudy09 and Cat

    To cloudy, your post is very inspiring to all folks here. I'm so very lucky to read your post to get more information regarding cleaning from detox symptom of insomnia. This past few weeks I've experienced insomnia and I can't feel better. My heartbeat is not that kind of normal and I always hungry in weeds to make me feel better. I wish there will be a way to get me okay. Anyway, Thanks for listening on my dilemma.

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