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3 Month Suboxone Addiction - Help to Quit
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    Exclamation 3 Month Suboxone Addiction - Help to Quit

    I really apologize about the very long post, please bare through, I would greatly appreciate everyone's help.

    I know there are a lot of posts on here asking for the same help as me, but I believe everyone has their own story and situation, plus everyone should be helped individually.

    I have been an addict to Roxycodone for almost 2 years, I have attempted to quit multiple times using the cold turkey method first, which helped me mentally and physically because it gave me a new aspect on life. However, I only stayed clean for maybe a month and slipped back in the hole. The second and third time I used Methadone which also helped but I ended up back in the same hole as before after slipping yet again. After some talk with my friends, they persuade me to not use Methadone because there is a great chance of becoming addicted, so instead they told me Suboxone would never get me addicted because it never gets you high. The first few times trying to quit off Suboxone I failed but eventually this last time I successfully quit the "blues". I took the suggested dose of suboxone 2mg 2x a day and was doing fine, with mild w/d effects. Every once in a while I would do an extra 2mg when I would get depressed or start craving the "blues". About a month went by and I was still using the same dose, one night I experimented and snorted 2mg of suboxone and I received a great rush and I noticed 2mg of Suboxone would last a few extra hours or even a whole day, I started doing this daily and I have been doing it almost for 2 months. i have noticed recently I have been seeing signs of addiction towards the Suboxone; things such as getting depressed, feeling tired all the time unless I do another dose of suboxone, and craving doses a lot. I think it is time to give up Suboxone and getting completely clean. I am a student in College and am holding a job, and I have made it this far without being clean because I don't ever have the time to quit and deal with w/d.

    My dose now is:
    - 8mg at most a day

    My daily routine:
    - I wake up and immediately insufflate 2mg, I go to my job or school and last 4-5 hours later when I insufflate another 2mg, then in 3 hours I insufflate another 2mg. Recently, I insufflate another 2mg in another 2 hours.

    My feelings:
    Without my dose I feel anxious and very uncomfortable. After the second dose or third dose I almost don't ever feel uncomfortable or anxious, I feel high the rest of the day, but sometimes I take another dose to try to stupidly peak my high again (which I usually regret doing later).

    I fear I do this because recently I have found my life very depressing (maybe the side effects of Suboxone), I feel like I can't put my life together. I have started having fears about my sexuality (after failing a few times with having sex with women) and am dealing with some other mild psychological issues which I think somewhat contributes to my recent years of addiction to opiates, however I believe I can cope with these issues well for the most part. I have quit before and felt like I had a new life before and was without depression for a month, I just want to get back there. I need to get off this because it is clouding my mind and I will never be able to deal with my issues that are occurring in my life.

    I have tried reducing doses but my craving and depression acts up and I can't deal with the stress of everything around me, so I end up doing more. I have inherited 50 1mg Klonopins and 6 valiums, and 2 2mg xanax (all I have been holding for a few months in case needed) in case that would help, but currently not having plans of taking them yet. I need to get off this while being able to work/go to school/live at my parents house. I would rather not let my parents know either. [I don't really have an addiction towards valium, I have taken it daily for 2 weeks a year ago but I was immediately able to stop]

    I would rather not get any professional help, but would like to know the info of where I should go if I need to discretely get professional help to get off of suboxone in case I do decide I can't do it myself, but I REALLY don't want to go that route. [I live in St. Petersburg/Clearwater Florida]

    Also, it would be great to have people's emails so I can have quick post-to-post and a friend to talk to and help guide me through my quitting.
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    needhelp ....... First of all you are ABUSING the subs. You DON'T snort subs. That is pure and simple acting like an addict which you are. Not judging, just stating the facts.

    I can help you but your actions must change immediately and get on a positive course of recovery. I will post the link below to how I've done subs myself and countless others have done it successfully.

    If you follow my suggestions to the letter you'll be successful, but you have to change your actions and attitude immediately or this will be a total waste of time for everyone involved. Let me know if you want my help. God bless.

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