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3 week oxy & morphine binge: no WD symptoms?!
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    Default 3 week oxy & morphine binge: no WD symptoms?!

    Long story short, after being clean for a long time I had a relapse and went on a 3 week daily Oxy and morphine (oral) binge. I stopped on Monday, and so far I have had NO withdrawal symptoms.

    I don't recommend relapse whatsoever, but is it possible that through the grace of God I avoided WD symptoms all together? Or do you think something is coming down the line?

    All the opiates I relapsed on were short acting so I would have thought WD would have set in by now. A response would greatly be appreciated.

    Much love to all in recovery. Relapse is NOT worth it.

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    its possible you dodged a bullet. With me i use short term, have 3to 7 days clean then relapse again. most the time i have some withdrawal, but there has been a couple times i didnt. i would guess you are prob safe, if not i would think any withdrawals that may be coming prob wont be that bad. Either way, congrats on quitting again. good luck to you.

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    When all is said and done, it looks like you did dodge a bullet. Three weeks is not a very long time. Be careful though. Next time could stretch to 6 weeks or 12 weeks or longer and then you won't be as lucky.

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