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30 Years codein addiction
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    Default 30 Years codein addiction

    Hi all. I have tried various places on the forum to ask for help, but I am not sure how it works or where to look. Please bare with me. I suffer from Major Depression (got addicted on Codein to feel better, even if just for a while), Bipoler Disorder (apparantly one of our problems is, we tend to self medicate). I have been taking about 20 pain killers (codein) per day for an eternity. I am a Vet and also suffer from PTS. Lately I had to take more and more to have any effect. The last 3 days I thought I was loosing it totally and just wanted to die, as I took up to 5 pills every hour to hour and a half. This morning I decided that I was going to quit, after reading all the wonderful comments. I stuck with it for 9 hours and then to my utter shame I took 5 just now as my stomach felt like it was on fire. I have now decided to taper, but am so very dissapointed in myself. I am lonely, depressed and very scared. Please talk to me or give me advice as I obviously can't stop all together. As I have no income, I cannot buy anything else to assist me. Please don't judge me as I have a very low self esteem.

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    Hope you are ok I can total relate although I've not been talking them as long I have been taking them for 3 year since I had my son m health visitor recomended solphadine max as I had a bad labour and I just can't get off them I'm not sure what you are taking but I take around 16 a day I have 2 kids and my own business and I found it a way to help with stress and pressure of doing everything and a way to relax going to bed. But for the last 6 month or so they aren't doing that anymore they are make me anxious and shake I feel like a bad parent and wife and as though I'm not good enough I always put my children first and want the best for them I need to stop this if not for me but for my family no one knows and I don't want anyone to find out about it as I'm so ashamed I just don't know how to do it weather to go cold turkey or taper off do you have any advice we could do it together and help each other through it xx

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