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Abilify Side Effects??
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    Default Abilify Side Effects??

    I was started on Abilify about a month ago and have been having severe side effects.
    The worst one is insomnia, I wake up every hour through out the night. I also have been experiencing tremors and night sweats.
    Anyone else take Abilify? I would love to hear your experience.

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    I take abilify also, and I had side effects, most notably the acathesia (restlessness, for want of a more descriptive word). I reduced my dose to half (2.5mg), and it went away after a while. It has helped me a lot. I was on Wellbutrin before that, didn't help. I've been on prozac, Paxil (worst ever), celexa, amytriptaline, lexapro...cymbalta, serzone...others I cannot remember. None helped my depression at all, some gave me the feeling that I'm pretty sure is too much serotonin. Serotonin...something. (fibro-fog, I sometimes lose my words), Cymbalta was that way. Abilify has been the only one I've taken that actually helped my mood. So I dealt with the side effects. But I also have a friend who took it and he said it was the worst he's ever felt, so...there you go. As with all the others, it's a matter of what works for *you*. Oh also, I take a sleep Med to help with that part of it.
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    I was prescribed Abilify in conjuncture with Lexapro and Klonopin for anxiety three years ago. I had severe side effects from it. I was extremely fatigued but suffered from insomnia, I had no control over my hands, my entire body shook, I felt as though I was moving in slow motion, my speech was halted and slurred. I missed 9 weeks of my senior year because of this medication.
    They changed it to Risperdal which gave me no side effects but caused me to gain 50 pounds in three months.
    I really have no need to be on an anti-psychotic and I'm incredibly upset with the numerous psychiatrists I've seen over the years who have done nothing but push pills at me.

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    I took Abilify for six months and felt so horrible that I stopped it. It was a low dose. It left me with Tardive Dyskenisia. This is an incurable, irreversible movement disorder. At its worst, my legs and feet flop around like fish; my mouth constantly purses, and my tongue rolls around in my mouth. It is horrible. My Neurologist prescribed massive doses of Vitamin E, because I refuse to take any more antipsychotics (I don't NEED them). It seems to be helping. I'm also trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life. That helps too.

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    Well, to be honest, I was on abilify 10mgs for nearly two years, and I was blessed not to acquire tardive dyskenisia, which would be my worst nightmare. In fact, after eight years of anti-psychotic consumption, I guess that I am REALLY blessed; considering that I took these things in conjunction with depakote. What I found for me is that when comparing abilify with ZYPREXA, it is SO night and day! In my next ten lifetimes, I will never touch that drug ruined my life! What DID transpire with me concerning the abilify was that I acquired pre-diabetes, outrageous cholesterol, and a very large gallstone buildup, courtesy of the cholesterol mixing with liver enzymes. (This side-effect is listed on the NIMH website). But FUNCTIONALLY, I had no objection at all to the drug. It did me no harm at all from a mental capacity point of view. But I would recommend anybody taking these drugs to get their hands on "Anatomy of an Epidemic", penned by an investigative journalist called Robert Whittaker. The book has received accolades and a high thumbs-up since it's publication in 2010....and no doubt about it, it would make one extremely wary of consuming any of these anti-psychotics whatsoever! So these days I am trying to go it alone with depakote, probably what you'd call a relatively high dosage (as I just suffered another pretty radical manic episode!)....but this is my current preference and decision; with my doctor's consent and agreement of course.

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    I had many sleepless nights with Abilfy during my first two or three months on it, but after that it has been great. Also, I swear it helped me lose a considerable amount of weight that needed to go.
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