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    Well, I guess I will start by saying that I started getting tramadol after 2 back surgeries, and now I am heavily addicted. I am about to get my last refillof 120 which will last me about a week, I just wanted to talk to someone who has been through the withdrawals and done ok. Or someone who knows what i may be able to realistically ask for and get to help ease the withdrawals because i am pretty sure my Dr. not refill again, he thinks im addicted DUH he kept writing the damn prescriptions. Any experiences welcome or thoughts or helpful advice!!!!! Thanks so much

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    You should seek the help of your doctor or a addiction doctor.Although tramadol is not a narcotic it acts on the same mu receptors as morphine so withdrawl can be pretty severe.Cold turkey is a brave way to go but almost always ends in failure.You need to have some sort of support system to fall back on.I would stay away from methadone as it's a little out of your league which really is a good thing.Buprenorphene is tailor made for your type of addiction.Go to and there you will find a doctor locator as only doctors who take an 8hr course can prescribe buprenorphene.Get a list of doctors in your area and start calling for an app.Buprenorphene will eliminate all your withdrawls and you will not have any cravings.After 2-3 weeks you can wean off the buprenorphene and start your new life.Good luck.....Dave

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