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anti depressant & mood stabelizers
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    Default anti depressant & mood stabelizers

    The very first med i was on lamotrigi e (lamatical) it alot but i.decided to try and get preg but then i changed my mind due to.chronic pain that i having so she put me on serterline ( zoloft) i started out taking 25mg but now i take 200mg A day I Been More Unstable now Then I Was When I Was Taking Lamotrigine I Thinkin Bout Goin Back On Lamotrigine It Help Me Alot Better Then Zoloft Doin Right Now

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    I know of this was posted 2 years ago but I'd really like to talk with you about these. I just started Lamictal and Zoloft together last week. And I have been searching and searching for a forum with someone in the same situation. Please tell me somehow you will see this and we can chat.

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