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any zoloft users?
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    Question any zoloft users?

    im going to start taking zoloft tomorrow, and im really nervous about it

    anyone take zoloft for anxiety/panic disorder? new to all of this and have only been going through this for a few also going to therapy.

    any stories of people who have used zoloft? side effects? good outcome? please??

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    I used it briefly. I did 1/2 pill about 1 hour before bed the first 6 nights and then up to a whole pill each night. There is nothing to be nervous about, the side of effects are some slight physical things, nothing mental. I mean like waking up with dryer mouth than usual and I had weird dreams. That's the only thing I can about it I didn't like - I would have very strange dreams and I would cry during them. It was very strange, I would have an unusual dream and I would be crying in the dream, only to wake up with tears and snot on my face and pillow. But it's not a big deal. Zoloft does not make you actually feel anything like a buzz, and it does not cause any kind of anxiety or freak outs or anything negative. You will just likely notice that after 2 weeks or so you will be more mellow and have less panic or anxiety.

    Anyway my doctor gave it to me when I first started rehab, since I told her the reason for my heavy using was my social anxiety and that I sometimes panic, and was afraid that getting clean (except the suboxone i was prescribed) would leave me liable to anxiety and panic attacks in public or while alone. I was hoping to be prescribed xanax or valium that I could just take in if needed for panic attacks, I didn't want to be on an everyday treatment. I took the zoloft for about a month and I didn't really feel any different and didn't like the side effect of crying in the sleep so I stopped taking it, I was fine abruptly stopping it with no weening, probably cause I was only on it for about a month.

    P.S. I had a girlfriend early in recovery and could never finish when we had sex. I didn't know if it was the zoloft or suboxone, or both, but now I am on only suboxone and have no problem finishing, so beware of that side effect too. Good luck to you.

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    I was prescribed Zoloft for depression when I started taking Suboxone as well. I started out at 100mg a day and was bumped up until I was at 250mg. All it does it made you feel a little weird for a week or two and then you're set. I had taken Lexapro previously and Zoloft has worked the best for me. It's good to check and see if any of your family members are taking any anti-depressants and see what is working for them. As far as what jay said about sex...I never had any issues with zoloft but I did with suboxone. It may be your body getting used to new meds...
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