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    How to taper off 0.5 mg a night

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    That is a pretty low dose, but you want to be careful with benzos. So I would start with breaking the pill into fourths, take 3/4 the pill for a week., then 1/2 for another few weeks, and so on. That is one way to do it, and alternating days when you get down to smaller pieces of the pills. However, but to be honest the best thing to do is to talk to a doctor, and they can write you a taper. Even though .5mg is a small amount of clonazepam the best thing to do is to talk to a doctor about decreasing. Clonazepam has an extremely long half life, you need to be careful tapering off of it. You may not feel the effects of stopping the drug for a couple of days, then boom it would hit you. So tapering is definitely the best idea with a doctor's help. Best wishes.
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    Ya that's a pretty low a taper like the previous poster suggested... then may have some discomfort such as anxiety and insomnia for awhile... I'm not an expert just reminding you that rebound anxiety is normal and goes away eventually.. i just binged on benzos and forgot about the anxiety and insomnia...anyways that's all of wishes

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