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Codine Addiction
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    Default Codine Addiction

    Hi this is my first time ever posting and I really would love some advice.

    I have been taking 300/30mg codeine for nearly 5 years, it started after I had my second child and had chronic back pain, but to be honest I felt like it helped me cope with two young children and made it feel like life was a little easier.

    I started to notice after about a year that I would "feel" when my next dose was due as I would start to feel unwell I,e joint pain, headaches etc and then I stated to notice that the time between doses were becoming less and less.

    I think I have been taking about 10 maybe 12 tablets a day.

    In the summer I had been feeling unwell and had a blood test taken, it came back that I had raised liver functions, I got this result on a Friday, and after looking on the internet I had convinced myself that it was because of the amount of codeine I was taking, i felt so guilty and disgusted with my self especially guilt towards my young children, so i decided that i was coming off them completely.

    I had already had 4 at this point (Friday) i woke on Saturday feeling okish but as the day carried on it was just a nightmare, skin hurting, muscles felt like they were tying to rip out of my skin, constantly on the toilet, feeling sick, emotional, scared, anxious and that night i had no sleep at all as the pain in my legs were horrendous, Sunday came after no sleep at all in fact i just sat on my sofa crying all night... Sunday was just as bad but with all the above symptoms the same if not slightly worse... i felt really alone, my husband new what i was doing but i could never express in words to him what i was going through.

    On the Monday morning i contacted my doctors in tears, i told him about my blood test results and that i thought it was connected to my painkillers and that i was coming off them, he had my second blood test result and told me they had come back normal and he told me that it was probably better to taper off the pills rather than go completely cold as soon as i finished the call i took 2, it took a few days to get rid of the leg pain, and i vowed that i would cut down to 6 and start tapering down from there, however throughout the rest of the year i have gradually jut gone back to 10/12 tablets a day.

    I decided that i was going to start the new year with a aim to rid these from my life for good, i just feel like they control me and i hate this... so on Friday 1st January i started the tapering process again, and i managed to cut down to 4, but this was helped by the fact that the night before i went bed late and woke really late so it was easier for me, the 2nd day i took 6 because i just couldn't cope with the feelings it was causing me, so i have decided to stay on 6 for a week then this Friday i will cut down to 5 and a half.... do you think i am doing this the right way?

    I would love your comments, as reading through some of your stories everybody seems to understand better than even my doctor, when you read the codeine instruction in the packet, the side effects they state don't even come close to the pain physical and mentally.

    I hope anyone can help me, any help or advice would be so appreciated.

    Sorry for such a long post. xx

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    You did find the right place. We're a pretty awesome group for a bunch of addicts. and we understand. Tapering is totaly doable and you're on the right track. Is the amount you're taking now bearable? If it is, your plan sounds good. The trick is to stay the course and it's hard! Don't let that intimidate you. There is no one way that is better than the other so long as you stick to it and that means no extra dose when things get a little rough. Tapering takes discipline and that's something I never had where my pills were concerned so I could never taper although I did try. Take it slow and play it by ear. So long as you don't raise your daily use you're going to be fine. I admire anyone with the discipline to taper. It shows determination and strength that I never had so good for you.

    This Forum will help you immensely. Keep reading and posting with updates and asking for advice. I can't tell you how much it helps to have people that understand and have either been there or are going through it now. Good luck. You can do this.


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    Hi Cat
    Thank you so much for your lovely encouraging reply... it means a lot to me that there is people like you that can understand.
    I am on day 3 of tapering from 10/12 pills per day to 6, it is bearable so your comments are encouraging, I usually have no will power and I would love to have the guts to just chuck them down the toilet but like I said in my earlier post when I last tried that for about 2 days it was unbearable.... and it scares me in every way mentally as well as physically.

    Have you managed to overcome your pills?

    Once again thank you so much, it truly meant a lot to see a reply.

    Kelly x

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