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Cutting Suboxone film
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    Default Cutting Suboxone film

    I hear people talk about pills, but does anyone have suggestions on how to slice a film to .25.

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    This was in a post by Denny_D to amberwish that I found helpful.

    "What I would suggest is that just cut the film in half, and then in half again, and then in half once more. You will end up with (8) - 1mg pieces right? Cut those in half again and you will have (16) - 0.50mg pieces. One more cut in half and you will end up this time with (32) - 0.25mg pieces........."

    ".......just take the 0.25mg piece and cut that in half and you get 2 pieces of 0.125mg " so that will be (64) .125mg peices. Good luck

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    how do you hold the pieces to cut them ?

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    I used to use tweezers myself. I did the same thing slicing them in half as precisely as I could. I actually found it easier to use a razorblade because when I used scissors I would cut them unevenly because of the thickness of the scissor blades making it seem like I was centered but they ended up pretty uneven.

    I used to cut them in half repeatedly though, definitely the most accurate way. I also found using a pill holder each week helped me keep track of things much easie.

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    I might suggest to use the tweezers along with some womens cosmetic scissors...
    Lots of extremely small varieties that can be found at almost any pharmacy.

    They are fairly inexpensive in most cases...

    Hold the film with the tweezers and keep cutting it in half until you get your desired dose. using the tweezers to hold it makes it very easy.

    I have found this method to be very easy and works least for me it did.

    if you use any kind of large scissors they would be very hard to cut accurately....but with the use of the very small cosmetic ones it is really quite easy to do.

    I had no problems with it. Good luck to you!
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