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cymbalta withdrawal
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    Default cymbalta withdrawal

    I don't know how many of you are out there coming off cymbalta BUT it has been a nightmare for me. I have brain pain, achy pain, rages, extreme mood swings, chills and sweats, VERY LITTLE sleep, dizziness, unbalanced (physically), tremors at times-the list goes on seemingly endless. Can anyone tell me how long I'll be going through this. I was on it for approximately 15 years at 120mgs and have been going through this for about ten weeks-so far. Any responders out there. Please advise if possible. Thanks

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    Hey, Cym, I am just now starting a cold-turk of Cymbalta and I was wondering if you have found the end of the rainbow yet. If so, how long?

    I have been 60mgs for 12+ years and would have probably continued if the SS drug formulary hadn't changed. However, because of that I decided to look into stopping it but I'm now finding out that the withdrawal can be a bit*h.

    So, if you've managed it successfully and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd like to know what to expect.

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