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Day 4 of Lexapro Withdrawals... still no symptoms?
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    Default Day 4 of Lexapro Withdrawals... still no symptoms?

    My girlfriend was having horrible side effects from lexapro that was ruining our relationship. I started tapering her off because she was taking THREE TIMES her recommended dosage of 10mg. She threw her pills down the toilet on the first day.

    It's been 4 days and she has felt no symptoms other than her sexuality returning, euphoria, irritation, and some physical such as headaches and muscle issues. She said she hasn't felt any bad mental withdrawals and they only start when something "triggers" them.

    The question is, I'm happy her love for me is returning and she's becoming her normal self, but how the hell is she not having horrible withdrawals? She went from taking 30mg of Lexapro a day to 10mg for a SINGLE day then throwing them out. She has felt nothing but the described symptoms above and it's been FOUR days starting in 1 hour. Why?

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    You should stick to your original thread. I will post an answer there.

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    I also posted in your original thread.

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