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Day 7 without suboxone
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    Default Day 7 without suboxone

    Today is day 7, I've been on 1 and a 1/2 strips a day most of the time taking more then I should but starting out the new year I've been ready to get off these it's like a 2nd job. No one knows I take them I've hidden my addiction from everyone. So I'm alone with this. I just want to feel better, on Friday I have an appointment with my dr to get more subs but I want to feel better so I don't go. I no I've lost at least 15 pounds which no I can't afford to loose those. I have no appetite and have told everyone I have the flu, good so they all stay away.

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    Welcome! If you had the 8mg subs and were taking 1 and a 1/2 strips per day that means you jumped from 12mgs, or "more" as you say!!! I'm afraid you're in for quite a bumpy ride. I do congratulate you for making it 7 days, but to be perfectly honest the long half life of subs has kept you feeling fairly well with sub still in your system. It can take DAYS for a single dose to dissapate from your system! The worst of the symptoms may not even begin for several days depending on several factors.

    You can continue riding it out hoping for the best. You may get lucky and not have symptoms that are too severe. I certainly hope that's the case for you. If you find you just can't deal with it any longer then you could get back on a dose around 4mg (that would have you feeling MUCH better) and taper slowly off of that. Absolutely no need to begin taking 12mgs or more because that's just too much! Sub is STRONG, real strong, and actually the less you take the better you feel in most cases.

    If you do get back on at some point please try to take as little as possible. Getting out of withdrawals is the goal and you may find 1 or 2mgd does the job quite well. Don't take any more than is required. The less you take the easier it will be to taper down and eventually off.

    Let us know how you're doing. We will be glad to help all we can. Keep posting as that really helps also. Ask all the questions you need. You have friends here that truly understand just how it is!


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