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Detox from OC & Fent. Thomas Recipe >> Congdon Recipe. Need some support Please!
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    Default Detox from OC & Fent. Thomas Recipe >> Congdon Recipe. Need some support Please!

    First off I NEVER EVER would have thought I would ever post on a board like this. I am not a recreational drug user and until I was 21 never took anything stronger than an Ibuprofen. My 21st Bday I was diagnosed with an Arnold Chiari Malformation complete with excruciating headaches and making me go externally numb. I had an MRI done and it was instantly "You need to have brain surgery ASAP otherwise you may become paralyzed from the neck down." At this point because I had no health insurance but 3 jobs I was forced to quit them all get on state insurance and wait the long 3 months until my surgery date. They instantly started giving me Dilaudid, Fentanyl patches, ativan, steriods, ect.

    I had 3 brain surgeries within 1-1/2 months. They screwed up and I had a long battle for my life for the rest of that year. I came through and even though my life seemed hopeless I am never the type to give up. This was in 2005. Since that diagnosis I have been diagnosed with multiple rare genetic diseases. I have no family and really dealt with this on my own.

    Now I am so tired of fighting doctors and hospitals for pain control. I don't even know if what they give me works anymore. I start to feel WD from Perc 10/325 in a little less than 4 hours (some may be anxiety?) if I don't use a patch. I have come off of the patch before and detoxed but have never stayed off because I end up back in the hospital and the only way they can get the pain under control is IV dilaudid w/ phenergan.

    My question here is what are you experiences? Is it better to taper (I stay at home so I don't need to function for work I know people ask this) or should I just taper off within a week? I have stopped the patches for now but I have another script for them as well as the Perc the beginning of Jan. I don't want to use them. I don't want to do this anymore. My husband is worried that with my medical conditions something bad will happen if I do this and what is worse being miserable in pain or miserable dealing with opiates? I want my life back. I feel like a failure.

    Which method is better Thomas or Congdon? What worked for you all? Any help or support is GREATLY appreciated.
    I do have access to Xanax, Zanaflex, Phenergan and Mobic scripts as well just to put that in there. I'll do anything to get off of these EXCEPT methodone or suboxone (I am NOT replacing one addiction with another!)

    I would like to start this right after Xmas so I can be out of the woods by the first of 2013. I am trying not to take more than 4 Perc per day for now.

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for reading this, don't know what it means to me. Honestly.

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    Posted on your other thread. Stick to one thread now.



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