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Does anyone know? please help!
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    Default Does anyone know? please help!

    Does anyone know what the best med. would be for PTSD. Currently i'm taking 300mg of wellbut. 50mg of zoloft and 100mg of topomax for chronic migraines. I know that topomax is used as mood stabilizer as well as other things.

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    I recognize zoloft as being a drug used for PTSD. Other common meds for PTSD would include amitriptyline, paxil and abilify. The mix of wellbutrin and zoloft carries a significant risk of a seizure - so that could be why you are also taking topamax, which is an anti-seizure drug. (Yes, topamax is also used as a preventative medication for migraines.) Make sure any doctor prescribing for you knows ALL the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter meds or alcohol. In fact, just so you know, there's a risk taking wellbutrin with alcohol.

    Also, the best place to turn for knowledge on medications is your pharmacist. If you get all your medications from one pharmacy, they should inform you of any interactions, as well.

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