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Double withdrawel symptons. Need help robert.
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    Default Double withdrawel symptons. Need help robert.

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    Question for whoever knows the answer. If somone has taken 2mg-4mg of subs for lets say a half a year and then goes back to there Percocet habit, how long until the sub will be out of your system. The reason I ask is if somone wants to now quit cold turkey, will they be feeling ok after the 5th day or will it be like having double dosage of withdrawal symptoms? any advice would be great.

    I posted this a couple of days ago in a big thread. I thought it would be easier to create my own to get this answer. Also wanted to say hello to Robert and Melinda. I dont know if you remember me.

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    Hey there
    Well thats a good question. Im new around here, Everyones been helping me taper down off my sub. IDK the answer to your question, but I bet, if it were me, Id be in for it. You may want to be prepared. I guess u know Robert and Melinda can and will help you, but this forum has been sooper busy lately. Im sure theyll be around soon. Let me know how youre doing.
    I been givin out lotsa hugs today, so here, have one

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    HI Airhead
    Yes we remember you and I still think your name is funny... how are you doing it has been awhile...
    you know if you have been doing subs for 6 months it may take more than 5 days to get over it if you don't taper down on them..
    can you do a little tapering before you go back to the percs...
    talk to you soon, Melinda

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    Hey Melinda,

    My situation is a little tricky. I was actually clean for quite some time and felt great. I for one do not think cold turkey is that bad. After day 4 it is just mental. My problem was a fractured root canal infection that left me with a golf ball sized lump in my mouth. I was put back on pain meds which were very much needed. So now i was kinda back on them again. So i went through a span to where i got off them and went on subs. To me (my opinion) subs are not different than percs or viks. So what I did is saved my percs and went off the subs and havnt taken a sub for 2.5 months. I have kept my self pretty stable with percs for now which my intent to quit this thursday. I took off from work until next tuesday. Im in the mortgage business and it has slowed down. I can handle the Cold Turkey on opiates but I was wondering if i am going to have them longer than the usual. Thats why I asked the question if 2.5 months is ok off subs.. I have all the usual things needed. I know most people hate the RLS but I really think potassium and the bar of soap work. I used that last time.

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    Default Just Finished

    Hi, I just joined this site, I saw what you had posted i'm sorry if it was for someone else. But I was a any drug user when I was 14-18 mainly coke tho. It was 2 weeks before graduating high school before I got clean. I had five years under my belt with the help of a 12 step program, however I was living a very hollow existence. Depression I think took over for those years, I just didn't speak up loud enough. I thought I could shake it when I had met my gf of 4 years, however this past Jan I was introduced to roxy's. And I lost her without her knowing what it was I was doing, but I was unstable and that's what made her leave. I'm sorry if it's not the same drug problem but it had been a year run of me booting 30-30mgs pills a day and getting more by night fall. Because 2 days popping wasn't enough an then snorting didn't do it, so by the end of the month I was shown how too boot. This January which would make this a year long run I was helped into rehab. Took three days under observation even on the meds because they thought I was going to seize. By day 5 i felt good enough too try and walk, and have a smoke, lol. 11 days later I was let out after passing a urine test. I was grateful for a second I got 30 days and immediately went out once it called too me. I don't do a drug any other way other than injecting now, and it had been a good couple of weeks. However due to the one person I know would rather kill me than have a junkie for a son has let me kick cold turkey in his house with some very tough love, I am lucky. I am now on day seven after withdrawals and I have to say from everything i've ever withdrawals from Roxy's are the worst for me. Doing 30 a day was just too fight the sickness back, I wasn't even getting a good high anymore. I've said all this so I share the one piece of knowledge I have gained from this. Once it is out of your body it is solely down to you versus the "Junkie" within, I'm not calling you a junkie I am just saying that is what I turn into and that is who I have too choose between each clean time. I hope NA or AA or therapy can help, I know they do when was is beaten down enough by drugs. Thank you for letting me post.

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