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drug screen privacy
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    Default drug screen privacy

    I'm applying for a job that requires a drug test and I have a prescription for Methadone. I don't want the employer to know about it. I was told by a counselor that they only tell the employer if they find drugs in your system without a prescription or illegal drugs found by the test. Does that sound right?

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    that is correct, if you have a script you are covered, that is doctor patient conf.
    METHADONE is a horrible drug, and is not really that great of a pain reliever, I was on them for about eight years. I went cold turkey in dec 22, 2008, and had withdrawls for six months, it was horrible. Two years ago, I started seeing a new doctor and was given a relatively new pain medicine called nucynta, which is also a schedule 2, and it works great. I had a motercycle accident and nearly lost my left leg in 1981, when I was 17, and now will be 50 this year, and the nucynta has worked great, and I am able to work everyday, so ask your doc about it, and maybe check it out....good luck

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