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Drug test for Suboxone
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    Default Drug test for Suboxone

    I've recently started court ordered out patient rehab as part of my punishment for my 2nd DUI. As part of the rehab they have me taking Toxicology screenings (unrine tests). On the paper it has the list of drugs they are testing me for, THC, COC, BZO, OXY, mAMP, AMP, OPI, MTD, and Suboxone is what it says.
    They have tested me twice so far and both times I came back negative, once they sent it to a lab, and the second was an instant test they did right there.
    The strange part is, I've been taking Suboxone for nearly two years now, to prevent myself from going through WD's from opiate abuse. I take a very little dose, just enough to keep me feeling normal (good) about, .5 mg a day. I took my .5mg on monday, and went in tuesday and took the instant drug screen and came up negative. There is NO WAY that I wouldn't have tested positive for Suboxone, since I took it the day before, right?
    Is this paper just full of it? Are they not really testing me for Suboxone? I feel confident that I wont fail these tests, since i've came up negative both times, and have been taking my Suboxone, but the problem is, if they actually do test me and I come up positive for it, it will be a probation violation and I will go to jail. Is this just a typo on this paper that says they are testing me for it? It has to be....
    It just has me wigged out....
    Don't they have to do a specific test that only tests for buprenorphine, not a simple 5-10 panel or whatever? I don't know exactly what kind of answer I'm looking for....
    I'm just puzzled that this paper says they tested me for Suboxone, and I didn't fail it. I'm super confused.
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    Buprenorphine normally shows up on a ten panel test, but not a five panel. I don't know why your test isn't showing it. I wouldn't count on that being consistent having it not show up..
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    I've had 2 negatives also. Not sure why haha!

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    Default low level sub not showing up

    I know this thread is a few years old...but i have been researching sub use and drug testing as i am in about the same boat as the original poster... i can't find much info on it but all my research points to one being able to pass if your on a low enouf dose...depending on ones metabolisim the cuttoff levels what actual test they take etc...i too have passed my 12 plus bupe taking less then one mg daily....i feel like I'm rolling the dice every single time and the added anxiety about failing is super counter productive...

    its my opinion that they shouldn't test for this cause more. the abuse potential is very limited...

    anyways...don't try this at home...but if one does find themself in such situation definately keep dose under one mg and better yet under half a mg... >> sat your odds are about fifty fifty each time...jay

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