Spondylosis, Scoliosis, Sciatica, DDD, Lumbar spine deformity, and I have them all and more.

I need advice to treat this pain. Currently am on a therapy, but not giving me needed comfort. I live a life that is stunted in that I am disabled from the spine affected by a chemotherapy agent, given mistakenly, a double dose, known agent iresearch shows sneuro system damage, and it will never stop. I have no choice and it was an oncologist error, yet in 111 years, Ive lived, and until the past year, could get around. I am unable to walk my pup, stand longer than 3 minutes, wear a brace to support my spine daily, and take meds to move for without pain relief I am not able to move. I would lie on the couch or bed. It s bad. I am going to have another surgery for correcting my lumbar spine deformity. New spine terms/disorders, most beginning with a "S", appear is the radiologist reports of most recent CT, MRI scans. It will never be strong as it once was, but if the pain is managed, I can live a decent life with quality. No quality of life presently, as pain takes your life from you. I can't move, walk, stand and my social life is nothing. I don't feel alive! So please, write to this thread to share what therapy you are on, what works, what doesn't and trials successfulor not. I need help from you. We are the experts of this pain. Thanks a whole bunch!
Present therapy

30mg Morphine Sulphate ER 3 X a day
30mg Morphine Sulphate IR 4 X a day

Last month:

30mg Morphine Sulphate ER 3 X a day
15mg Oxycodone 4 X day

I am finding these meds are not treating my pain! Help me!