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gabapentin / neurontin for opiate withdrawal
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    Default gabapentin / neurontin for opiate withdrawal

    I am in the process of stopping opiates cold turkey for the second time. Each time I have used neurontin to ease the withdrawal symptoms, and it had made it very easy for me.

    I'm just getting through day 4 now and I actually worked a full day both today and day 3. The only bad day I had was really between hours 20 and 36 or so....and even that was just a feeling of malaise.

    This time I used neurontin, instead of benzos, with the Thomas recipe. It's been a godsend. I am so thankful to not have to suffer like done of you unfortunately have. I have been taking 1200-1500 mg of neurontin 3 times per day. It has almost totally cured all of the physical symptoms, along with the anxiety. I do need the imodium twice per day, by that works like a charm as well.

    I was taking an average of 70-90 mg oxycodone per day for about a year for those who are wondering. And without the neurontin I would wake up with mild withdrawal symptoms some mornings.

    If this can help just one person, then it was more than worth my time. Good luck.

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    Mods please feel free to move this if it's posted in the wrong section. I would like others seeking help to see this.

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    Hi, I am new to this board. Just came looking for statistics on how many mg per day of oxycodone people are ingesting. My new Doc claims I'm taking more dosage than Michael Jackson. Well, if he was in pain, he needed it! I am on 3 20 mg oxycodone SR and 12 5mg IR per day. 160 mg total. She claims that many IR's are trouble because they cause a cycle of MORE pain. Now, I am trying to cut down the IR's to a minimum.

    (I am awaiting a hip replacement) I'm not trying to DC them entirely at this point. So, as an adjunct I've been prescribed Gabapentin, which I agreed to try, reluctantly. Took my first capsule last night, and results seem surprisingly good! Already today I have skipped two doses of 2 IR's, and I've been on this Oxy for a very long time! Looking forward to better times. Gabapentin is OK in my book. Hope this helps someone...

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