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Generic Norco casuign anxiety
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    Question Generic Norco casuign anxiety

    I usually take a compound of Hydrcodone (25/325) to cut down on my APAP intake. I recently switched back to generic Norco (10/325), taking 2-3 at a time. These seem to cause a much more harsh "comedown" and subsequent anxiety. I think that beyond the lower strength and obvious high levels of APAP, some how the delivery is too fast.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank you kindly.

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    Default Generics

    Generics by law have to have the same amount of drugs as the brand name, but what it is cut with, and the rate at which it absorbed into the body, or dissolve in the stomach is variable between brands.
    Your observation is common. Because it seems to "dump" the drug, rather than give you a smooth medication release, you might want to ask for a different brand next time. And don't crush, break or chew them--it tampers with the release mechanism.

    Hope this helps. You're not imagining it and you're not abnormal.

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