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Getting off Suboxone and Xanax..
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    Question Getting off Suboxone and Xanax..

    So I'd say about six months ago, maybe eight I went on subs for opiate dependence, a couple of months into this I saw my regular physician and he put me on xanax for anxiety. Yes, I am well aware of the dangers of mixing the two so nobody need share their wealth of knowledge on that. I started off on eight mg of sub.. it was to much so I brought myself down to four. It was the perfect amount for me, felt great. Always high functioning, and always had energy and that general all is well feeling. Unfortunately after some time though the treatment became to much on me financially and I wanted to be clean again, truly clean of everything. When my regular PCP put me on the Xanax I did take it as prescribed, when needed and not daily, but as i started to drop on the subs I started taking larger doses of the xanax to compensate. It just numbed out some of the ?????? feelings of coming off the subs, its now been about six months on the xanax and depending on the day i can take anywhere from 3 to 10mg of it.. but have had days where i've taken less, however rare. Now i am on day four without the suboxone and strangely enough I'm starting to feel a little bit better, I did a really slow taper and I was never on a large amount which i think i owe that to.. but now i have this xanax monster to deal with and that is what frightens me. I've never had a xanax dependency before. Of course I have read all the horror stories and that surely didn't help but my doctor wants to put me on phenobarital (sp?) to come off of it. he has given me a detox plan, of a little less than four weeks of taking the barbs to get off the xanax and im just wondering if anyone out there can tell me if they have had any experiences similar to this. used this specific medication to come off xanax. I am also a bit concerned because I know barbs can have a sedative effect and although i take large quantities of the xanax I don't really feel anything from it and the suboxone i haven't felt anything from for quite some time either. I am very active in a 12 step program right now and have shared with my sponser, therapist and support group what it is that I'm going through, and what they are suggesting,but surprisingly none of them have had any experience with thsi drug in particular nor detox from xanax. I also start school in two weeks and i'm wondering how the barbitol might effect me performance wise. I am a chemistry major with a 4.0 gpa and I take school very seriously, and I don't want to do anything to compromise that. I am just wondering if someone thinks this isn't the best route, what other suggestions one might have to succesfuly come of this monster within a relatively short amount of time. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Phenobarbs

    Phenobarbital is an old-time anti-seizure medication, very long lasting. I can't speak for your doctor, but that may be the reason he chose that to help you break you xanax addiction.

    Xanax is very short acting, so when it wears off you get a bounce back effect of increase anxiety--expect it.

    Phenobarbital is long lasting and should decrease your risk of seizures. It is also a sedative (it's an ingredient in Donnatol, for upset stomachs). It has a half-life similar to suboxone, i.e., long. It effects last 10 to 12 hours so it's protective against seizures without having to pop pills all the time.

    Phenobarbital itself is addicting, so I think that's why your detox plan is only four weeks.

    This is all speculation, Mary, except for the medifacts, which I found elsewhere on Can't say for sure what your doc is thinking, but it's what I think explains your plan.

    For a test dose, I'd take one phenobarbital, early in the day, one weekend day, and see how it reacts with you personally. About five to six hours (peak) try to do the NYTimes crossword puzzle. That'll test your intellectual skill!!!

    Many epileptics use phenobarbital to suppress seizures and lead full and normal lives. My neighbor used it and graduated from college, just fine. It's a smooth way to detox from a very bumpy xanax detox. I hope it works for you.

    Mary, I was a chemistry major too. Good luck with all those atoms and molecules swirling around inside and outside.

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