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Has anyone successfully quit Methadone using Gabapentin?
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    That's top secret!!

    Post Has anyone successfully quit Methadone using Gabapentin?

    Hi, My name is Ashley. I am 32 years old. I have never ever imagined I would be where I am in my life. I am addiction to Methadone. I have never used any street drug in my life but when I was pregnant my doctor kept me on Vicodin for my pain. As time went on my tolerance grew and she bumped me to percocet. I really was completely ignorant to the possibility of addicted . I had no knowledge of that, I just trusted my doctor and thought she would give me something to help me not hurt me but I was wrong. After I stopped seeing her I no longer received the pills. I was suffering and I had a friend who took pills so I started buying them and she introduced me to methadone. I was so scared to try it but I was in love when I did. One pill at 10 dollars was so nice rather 50 dollars a day on oxycodone. I never commuted any crimes or anything I was using our money but I was taking money from fiance. I found someone who sold me methadone for two years till I found a doctor who prescribed it to me for my addiction. I have never gone above 35 mg but mostly 20 mg a day and a lot of the time just 10 mg a day. I decided to quit. I'm going to day 4 And haven't felt anything other then more emotional and a dry annoying cough. I know it's the gabapentin. After lots of research of people successfully quoting opiates and avoiding the hell of withdrawal from using gabapentin I thought id try it. My question is if anyone stopped methadone successfully using it. I found a lot about people having success with it who used short acting opiates but not much on methadone users on gabapentin. Please , anyone let me know. Thank you
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    Hello Ashley and welcome yes quitting methadone successfully can be done. Congratulations on day 4. I was also taking massive amounts of methadone and hydromorphone daily for many many years.When I finally had enough, I felt awful All the time my body was breaking down from all the opiates I was abusing. I started reading this forum for help.Help and guidance I received. I quit cold turkey just shy of 5months now,so yes you can to but you really have to want this for yourself. Methadone has a long half life, it takes awhile to clear your system. I wont lie it took me 21 days to just to move, it's was awful but I wouldn't change a thing. No more chasing pills, no more worrying about getting money for more drugs,no more anxiety running out of my script after only ten days. I'm free from those pills.The worst of the wds will be gone in a week or two,than fatigue lack of motivation, I just sat around not advisable, push threw it the more excersise and stimulation you get the faster your journey to be free and clean. Keep reading and posting let us know how you are doing. Be strong in whatever path you take....
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    Hi Ashley. I've taken both Gabapentin & Lyrica in withdrawal from opiates. They did help, mainly with a calming effect and a good reduction in skin sensitivity. Stuff like hot flashes was better handed by clonidine, a very cheap blood pressure medication.

    It's a tough thing to do. I admire your courage. Even with the best "comfort" medicine, withdrawal has always been a challenge for me. I'm clean now. I hope you find your way through it. Kind regards!

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