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Help with benzo withdrawal
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    Default Help with benzo withdrawal

    Hello guys, I need some input here. My list of prescription drugs over the past 3 years include oxycodone, valium, and xanax. I had a major back injury two years ago and was taking up to 50-60mg of percocet a day at the peak of my pain (on average about 30mg/day). This went on for about a year. When my doctor cut me off, I successfully went through withdrawal without one problem. I tapered down to 5mg/day and stopped permenantly. This was over a year ago. The only withdrawal symptom I had was lethargecy. Only lasted for about a week then I was back to normal. A month later my father & sister passed away in a car accident. I was extremely depressed and got a script of xanax. Unfortunately, I wasn't taking it properly. I would work all week without taking any (made me tired at work) and then take 5-6mg on friday & saturday to relax. You can probably guess what happened (sezuire). I was in my house when it happened so no injuries thank god. After that I successfully went through withdrawal without a hitch. Was off of xanax for 4 months and then my Doc gave me a script of valium. I have been on it since then and take between 30-40mg a day (about 8 months). I LOVED Valium, was much better than xanax. I could take it before work, be sharp as heck & not be tired. I decided to wean myself off of the Valium last month went from 30mg all the way down to .5mg then stopped. I lasted 18 days without taking anything. I made it through the HORRIBLE first week (consisted of major muscle cramps/twitching and terrible nausea). The second week I went through blurred vision, swollen throat/inability to swallow. Day 14 the brain fog and complete confusion set in. I couldn't concentrate at work or even type my name on a computer. If I wanted to keep my job I had to do something. I didn't want to touch the Valium so I went back to the leftover xanax pills I had. For the past three days I've been taking low doses of xanax 0.5, 1, or 1.5mg at most. The brain fog and confusion go away and I feel completely normal again. Tried stopping today and the symptomes came back by the end of the day. Not really sure what to do, cant lose my job but don't want to stay on the benzos.

    Cliff Notes: over past three years easily went through withdrawal on high doses of xanax and ocycodone. Going through HELL trying to stop the valium. Weaned off, was clean for 18 days & couldn't handle the brain fog/confusion. Couldn't function or think logically. For three days been taking very lose doses of xanax of alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. I didn't suffer any sympomes when I (properly) stopped taking the xanax the first time. Not sure what to do. Want to stop the benzos but can't function at work with the brain fog from the Valium.

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    Hi Oz
    what I would do is to taper down lower than 1.5 or even lower .5 over a month, I think that will help I'm not sure how you did it the first time but benzo taper is hard !!!
    hang in there and let us know how your doing !!

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