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help, I'm having surgery and took ibuprofen
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    Default help, I'm having surgery and took ibuprofen

    I am having knee surgery the day after tomorrow and I forgot and took a vicaprofen tonight. They told me not to take ibuprofin or aspirin because it would cause excess bleeding. I am worried that I will be able to stay off it until then anyway because I have been taking two a day for two years. Does anyone know what would happen if I don't tell the doctor? I am afraid they will cancel my surgery.

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    Yeah, I know what would happen if you don't tell your Doctor, you could bleed all over the place. Yes, you should tell your Doctor, you did something you can't undo. Quit worrying about it, do the right thing, tell him about it asap so they can get on with scheduling your next surgery date. Take care.
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    I have been a phlebotomist for 15 yrs. up until the last two months i had to give it up due to injury. I worked in the SDC dept. doing pre-testing before people had surgery. I would draw the blood and do EKG's. It is a good idea to let them know you took it, and if the doctor is concerned he/she will order a clotting factor test. If you got there a half hour earlier so that you could be tested and they get the results, it would be better. It would take about 30 mins for a stat blood test to come back. Personally i think you will be okay. I would think you should mention it just to be on the safe side. I doubt you would have to reschedule the surgery due to taking one pill. Good luck in your surgery.

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