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Help with LabCorp Test Code
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    Default Help with LabCorp Test Code

    I recently got pop tested at work because I seemed "wired" at a meeting recently. My employer had a Town Car waiting outside and sent me off to LabCorp to give a urine sample.

    The Urine Chain of Custody document I have in my possession says the following:

    Test(s) requested by employer: 0213550003

    I can't find this on LabCorp's site. I can't find it in any combination as a CPT code. I can't find it on Google anywhere, either.

    Anyone have any clue? If it helps, the sample was collected in Houston, TX.

    The HR representative told me it was "similar to the pre-employment drug test" and that the "results will be back in 3 to 4 days". Well, that was last Wednesday morning. Even given the holiday, we're at 4 days. I suspect that may mean that ran GC/MS on it for a positive result.

    When I came home to Florida I went to CVS and picked up a 12 substance kit and tested negative (clean) on all of them.

    I used to use Oxy on a fairly regular basis but had given it up about 2 weeks prior to this test. It didn't show on the home test kit.

    I also had indulged in a line of cocaine at a friends house the Thursday before this test (about a week earlier). Came up negative on the home test kit.

    I had a Xanax the night before the test but I actually have a 2 year old prescription for this one.

    Anyway, it is clear to me that this is a drug test but I can't tell what all they are looking for based on that code. I can't find that code or any combination of it on the net. When just looking at all the LabCorp tests for urinalysis for drugs, none of the individual pages for the tests show this code or any derivative thereof.

    Do they scramble the codes up or something so that folks like me can't search for them?

    It's really weird.

    Anyway, if any of you can help me decipher it, please post up!

    Thanks for your time!

    ~Big D

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    i wish i had the answer for you, but i am in the exact same situation... took a test friday, now its saturday night. have searched my "test(s) required by employer" number in every possible search engine, checked it against all the tests offered by labcorp... pretty much exhausted searching every single number they printed on that damn chain of custody form. so yeah, they definitely dont let us know. scared as hell, as i am supposed to be on the job site monday and would be humiliated if i got turned away while on site... my last use was smack dab in the middle of time in urine (says the drug would be out in 2-4 days, i dropped exactly 3.5 days after). been on the edge of my seat since. best of luck to you, and if i hear anything i will post again, and hope you do the same.

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