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help me - k-pin/ambien withdrawal
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    Default help me - k-pin/ambien withdrawal

    Hi all,

    ive been taking ambien for 2+ years pretty regularly (10mg, sometimes 20), and klonopin pretty regularly for 1.5 years (lower dose). sometimes, i have even had to combine the two to get to sleep.

    i stopped cold turkey about 10 days ago, and am having a really rough time. sleep is getting a little better each night, but not much. for a few days, i felt like a cloud was lifted and felt amazing. now, im feeling pretty depressed.

    how long should i expect this to last? advice?

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    Default may be a little longer 4 sure

    That can go on for awhile, esp. the sleep cycle being messed up, but just hang in there, it will get back on track. Ironically I was prescribed Ambien today by my psyc doctor. I have taken it before and never had a problem with it. Just once a day before bed, but some ppl do abuse it, not saying u did, but some do, and I hear it is highly addictive, but again, I have taken it before and never had an issue, but I have not taken it for 2 years, maybe a month or two, but 2 years combined with Klonopin is different. Yes there is a w/d syndrome over that period of time, it is your body's natural response. Sleep will be disturbed for awhile and the depression will linger, but it will lift and u will get back on track. Keep active during the day, exercise and that will def. help you get back on a better sleep cycle and also combat depression b/c your body will be releasing endorphins when u exercise, and that is something u def. want. God Bless and keep us posted, and if anyone else has further advice, then def. feel free to chime in.

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    I hear you man. I was on ambien for about a year and a half as well, except I was a total moron and started taking more and more as I began to build tolerance. I topped out at 20-40mg/night in 2-week binges combined with a couple shots of whiskey here and there so I could get really wasted.

    I should have never started it to begin with, seeing as I have major depressive disorder and ambien can make you even more depressed; but the hallucinations that it would cause gave me a chance to escape the hell my life has been so I just went all out and assumed/hoped I would just eventually go quietly in my sleep and it would all finally be over.

    Anyway, when I finally did quit (after enduring a week of sheer psychosomatic torture) I used a combination of antidepressants and melatonin until I could finally afford to go to psychiatrist who then put me on mirtazapine which is better than all of them combined for sleep, but the side effects suck. The good news, however, is that the backlash from ambien use is nowhere near as bad as true benzo withdrawal in terms of both severity and duration. Depending on how much you were using during that 1.5 years, you may not even encounter any of the really bad withdrawal symptoms. Regardless of whether or not you abused the ambien, however, you more than likely will experience some degree of craving, but that clears up in about 2 weeks or so.

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