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hi there, looking for any info or help please.
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    Default hi there, looking for any info or help please.

    hi guys my name is chris, very nice to meet you all!

    i suffer from severe anxiety & i pretty much feel sick alot every single day. sometimes im in bed by about 5pm/7pm for the night, i also spend alot of time laying on my bathroom floor. i have suffered from this for about 3+ years now & am taking different medications that do actually help me, but even after 3+ years. im still suffering from this. the medications i take are:

    Citalopram 20mg - taken once a day every morning.
    Metoclopramide 10mg - this is taken about twice a day every single day to stop me feeling sick.
    Propanalol 10mg - this is for anxiety, taken about once or twice a day.
    Mirtazapine 30mg - this is taken once every night before bed.

    i feel alot better in myself now than i did 3+ years ago when this all started. but im still feeling sick a few times every single day & im still very nervous/anxious around other people. the only way i feel great about myself is if im locked in the house, but even in my own home i still get the feeling im going to be sick. iv had a stomach scan performed on me (same as what they use for pregnancy) iv had alot of bloodtests done & everything came back great/healthy. is there anyone else out there suffering from this? or has anyone suffered from this & have any ideas for me? >> appreciate any comments / feedback regarding this. & thanks for taking the time to read. /Chris

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    Simple way to overcome anxiety and sadness is to develop spirituality and meditation.

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    Hi chris
    I have just started citalopram for my anxiety which I was apprehensive about as im emetophobic and havent vomit in 10 years but since being diagnosed as having ibs a year ago ive suffered with anxiety about eating as I don't want ibs flare up and nausea but me worrying is causing nausea every day. Im hoping the citalopram kicks in and helps my anxiety soon as im only on day 3 ive experienced some nausea and im worrying about taking my metoclopramide with citalopram because of the risk of serotonin syndrome even thought its a small dose im on 10mg cit and up to 30mg meto a day I usually cope on just 10mg a day and dr has reasurred me its safe as she wouldnt want to put me in danger but I worry too much and cant stop ive had counselling and cbt and am being referred for more cbt one to one . I also take 10mg propranolol for anxiety attacks when needed which luckily is not every day. . So seeing you are on same meds as me at higher doses has sort of made me feel better how are you coping now?

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    Hey Chris! I suffer from Severe Anxiety & Panic Disorder also but I can't give u the best medical advice, I can tell u that years ago when I went through 8 years of testing my digestive system in every awful way imaginable, the last specialist I seen told me something that at the time I was like whateva and didn't really believe it honestly and thought that was a waste of time! But it wasn't at all! He said people don't think about this because they only are thinking of the hurt at the moment and not the cause! But he told me your mind, most importantly your mental state plays apart in every part of your health physically and mentally! I was having severe digestive problems and my concern was making it stop instead of what caused it!!! As days and months and years have went on I seen exactly that! And I know depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc...can affect u so bad that it makes u physically sick or worsens a condition that has been dormant which was my case! Please understand I'm not saying its all in your head at all! I pray its nothing serious but our mental disorders make us sick to our stomachs, makes bones and muscles ache, causes migraines, nervous & cardiovascular system problems and I feel your pain cause for 8 years I was battling depression and anxiety and if that's not bad enough then if I did go anywhere especially to eat, fear overwhelmed me because so many times I would have to leave halfway through a meal and rush home cause I was sick or the abdominal pains were so bad I was in fetal position crying. This ain't much but maybe a change in meds might help and I know u said they ran tests and I don't know if they did this one but a friend of mine with no mental issues had same stomach issues and it was an allergy to gluten, which back them was in everything....good luck

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