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High Blood Pressure using Losartan & trimming down off of Lorazapam
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    Default High Blood Pressure using Losartan & trimming down off of Lorazapam

    Hi All, I have been using Losartan 75 mg. daily for 4 months with success. Since it is not a beta blocker, or an ace inhibitor, I no longer have a cough, rashes, or impotency. When taking my blood pressure, I relax for 5-7 minutes and had been experiencing a BP reading average of 118-135 over 75-82 average with a pulse of 65 average. I am also trimming down from Lorazapam & experienced a relapse. Since this occured, my BP is averaging 145-155 over 82-88. Question now is: Do I need to take maybe 25mg more of Losartan, or will my BP normalize back to the levels it recently had been?

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    We can't prescribe blood pressure medication on this forum. You need to talk with your dr. We know absolutely nothing about your medical history or why the dr even chose the Lorsatan to begin with as there are a million blood pressure meds. Sorry, but I won't prescribe anything like this, nor would any dr online without knowing you personally. God bless.

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