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Home Remedies for RLS from percocet withdrawal?
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    Default Home Remedies for RLS from percocet withdrawal?


    I won't give all the details as I have posted elsewhere, but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using home remdies for rls from opiate withdrawal?

    I am referring to stuff like Black Strap Molasses, Apple CIder Vinegar, and Baking Soda. Earthclinic dot com has all the details. I have read of lots of prescriptions or OTC remedies mentioned for this percocet withdrawal I am going thru, but I am really trying to be really careful with how I get some relief from the rls (in my arms).

    I would really appreciate any advice or experience you can share.


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    Ive heard from some people that the Bar of soap helps. There is a lot of people that talk highly about it. They seem to do that with using certain supplements like IRON, Magenesium, and potassium. Those supplements have to be used in a certain way I believe. From what I have read, most people have had the most success with this NON-prescribed way.

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    QUININE works WONDERS. You can buy it OTC under names like "Cramp 123" OR stock up on TONIC WATER, it contains Quinine. HOT baths with epsom salt or other 'muscle relaxing' additives. This got me thru. Best of luck and congrats on getting clean. God speed.
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