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Hopeless. Need prescription of xanax.
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    Unhappy Hopeless. Need prescription of xanax.

    Okay first off, let me start by saying i am almost 22 years old. I have been suffering from panic attacks starting at 17 from an abusive relationship. I have many other horrible things happen to me that should never happen to anyone.

    I have been prescribed EVERY medication under the sun for depression ,sleep, bipolar, all kinds.even tho i consistently explain that my anxiety is the main cause for all of this- i feel like a lab rat. needlesss to say nothing helped.
    id be here forever if i was to list.

    The only thing that will stop my panic attacks in track are Xanax, also the only thing that will allow me a full rested night. its 6 30 am as im writing this, i slept 2 hours tonight, 3 hours last night, and so on.

    My life is really bad because of my anxiety attacks. Sometimes (not usually) they get so bad. For Example i was driving during my last panic attack and couldnt breathe, i was so scared that i was having a hard attack i begged my boyfriend to drive me to the hospital. however he had xanax prescribed to him and gave me one 1mg xanax.

    After that ive been using his. Clearly he needs them as well. For some reason i can not for the life of me get xanax prescribed. I get klonopin which make me just feel weird its like the bad side effects of xanax but not helping.

    Im not sure how to go about getting them prescribed after many failed attempts. Ive tried doctors, physcologists, therapy, even emergency rooms.

    My mother suffers from anxiety as well and has NO problem getting them prescribed. But once agian she needs them as well.

    I hate to be taking other peoples medication. and i would hate to result into buying xanax off the street because i truly NEED THEM. the thought of someone selling their xanax cringes me. how the hell does someone like that get them? yet here i am hopeless!

    any advice or tips on what to say to my doctor, am i doing something wrong?! Is it my age that they feel i will abuse this medication?
    Im tired of trying new medications and every side effect when here i know what will fix this. I dont need a degree to know MYSELF and what helps me best.

    im going off on this forum and i do apologize but like seriously.
    So anyone out there that gets 1mg or even .5 mg prescribed? if so how?
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    Xanax is one powerful, addictive medication - and if doctors are unwilling to prescribe it for you, you may want to heed their caution for good reason. In addition, it is NOT intended to be used on a routine, daily basis - without end. It is for short-term anxiety relief. Any prolonged use of this drug will lead to dependency. In other words, you will have to take it - to avoid getting some horrific withdrawal symptoms. That is nothing to mess around with. This is true when the medication is taken completely as prescribed - without abusing it - it is a drug that holds you in its grips.

    At 22, you do not deserve to short-change yourself by starting out "needing" a drug to deal with day-to-day life. You will be beginning a life-long nightmare. I would strongly suggest you find a way to get yourself into counseling, to talk out these issues from your past - and let go of that sense of victimization. Talk therapy (as it is called) will also help tremendously with any anxiety issues. There are no side effects to this kind of treatment; no addiction, no withdrawal - only help.

    In addition, look through this site for more information about the benzodiazapene family of drugs, which includes xanax:

    If you are thorough about reading through some of the information there, you will see that this class of medication will actually increase anxiety - when used over a long term. In other words, it will do the exact opposite of what you need it to do. By then, you will be dependent on the drug - and stopping it will be a long, difficult withdrawal.

    You are too young to be pursing solutions through drugs for your problems. Once we lean on drugs to help us with anxiety, we stop being able to handle day-to-day life's stressors on our own. You are at the age to learn valuable coping skills. Now is the time to practice new techniques, such as meditation, prayer, yoga, massage, biofeedback, counseling, exercise - and find something healthy that works for you.

    I know this is not what you want to hear - but I am telilng you what you need to hear. I work in the field of substance abuse. I see what these drugs do to innocent folks, like yourself - every day at work. I pray you will give up your dogged pursuit of xanax, and be open to trying something new - and healthy.

    God bless,

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    To be honest, i have not looked into yoga, or mediatation or even prayer. I appreciate you taking the time out to write to me, and give advice. I also find your advice more helpful then someone who knows me, therefore there is no judgement and i know what your saying is the truth, not based on other reasons.I tend to not trust doctors.. I have been struggling with anxiety this far, as much as i want it to stop i know i wont die if i wait longer to out weigh the consquences of xanax. i never was a person who looks towards the future. its always been about right now. but i do know that i do not want to be depending on xanax for the rest of my life. However, I am just a bit sketchy on yoga, mediation and prayer, im not even sure if im capable of actually getting into something like that. im going to google some of this up; thank you very much for answering back, i appreciate it. and Take Care.

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    I think one of your biggest problems is you are diagnosing yourself. And you think you need xanax for anxiety. Maybe what you are experiencing is withdrawal. Since you are taking other peoples xanax, you are now dependent on it. So, if you don't have it, your body starts to need it. It's obvious the doctors you are seeing don't think you need it. Klonopin is a very strong benzo. And from what I have learned about it, is longer acting than xanax. For you to ask people what they told their docs in order to get a prescription for xanax worries me a little bit.Are you willing to lie to the doc to get a script for xanax? if I were you, I would heed Ruth's advice. maybe get into counseling for the abuse you suffered. Take care!

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