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How to break a several year Opiate addiction! LOOK
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    Default How to break a several year Opiate addiction! LOOK

    A brief background about myself. Im, by no means a medical physician in any way. The advice Im about to give has derived from both RNs, X addicts and my own research. One must keep in mind this detox and any other for that matter will only become successful if the individual WANTS to quit and is willing to die trying. For me my addiction was damn near 4 years strong. I never missed a day and was on about 160mg Oxycontin daily. Was able to taper from 160 oxy to 20 mg hydrocodone. It had gotten to the point of life and death for me. Below I will line out a list of items you will need. Most but maybe two are OTC.

    1. Valium ( Clonidine or Xanax will also work) SOme sort of Benzo 4 days worth only! I was able to produce sleep on 10mg Valium.
    2. Vodka
    3. Some good Marijuana if you can get it. Even if your not a regular smoker
    4 Centrum Silver Extra strength Mineral Vitamin
    5. B6 Gels
    6. Potassium Gels
    7. Pre-natal Vitamins (Male or female) Doesnt matter get them
    8. 5 HTP
    9. L-Taurine
    10. ***** Immodium *****
    11. L-tyrosine
    12. St Johns Wort
    13. TUMS
    14. Ensure
    15. Water or Juice (Apple)
    16. Microwavable Chicken Noodle Soup.
    17. Epsom Salt
    18. Melatonin

    STEP 1: Where to start (Note this is one of the most crucial steps) Without this I can not guarantee success.
    FOLLOW A RELIGIOUS TAPER REGIMENT. I cut my dose 20% every 4 days. For a month straight while tapering I had MINOR WD symptoms. Nothing close to unmanageable. During this months time I force fed myself daily, and took centrum, pre-natal, Potassium, B6 and 5HTP. At night I soaked in epsom salt baths and double dosed melatonin, Calcium and Potassium. (Melatonin)Which is a drug free natural sleeping aid. Also made it to the gym every other day for light working out regardless of how I felt.

    NOTE: Make sure you get a free 7 days pass at the gym in the city you plan to detox. Its free and you can set it up online and just walk in looking like death and no questions will be asked. You need this for the sauna and steam rooms.

    STEP 2: The Big Day (s) DETOX Time! Keep in mind for a month straight Ive been tapering, eating Vits and working out. Albeit walking sometimes. By now you should be down to eating 2 10mg hydros per day. One in the morning and one in the evening. You should also by now have all meds mentioned above. GET OUT OF TOWN. Take a 3 day trip somewhere within driving distance but several hours away. Pre-book your room so you may ensure they have either a big bath or jacuzzi in the room. Pop your morning and last hydro 10 mg. Get going as its gonna be close. Upon arrival get all your ammo hauled up to the room. Refrigerate your ensure and juice/water. Eat as much as you can throughout the day. Drink tons of liquid.

    STEP 3: Its Time, I feel it!

    By now its later in the eveing and well, the WDs are starting to kick in. Good thing for you is, you've been swigging on vodka the last few hours. Pop a Valium and smoke em if you got em. I can assure you this will alleviate almost 80% of all WD. Also take your Imodium (Dont wait for runs). Also take chew you a few TUMS. Keep swigging and moderately that is. Within an hrs time I was knocked out cold. Woke up a few hours later and found myself puking for a brief moment. No indigestion or pro-longed puking. In fact I barely remember it. And if it hadnt been there was a lil on rim of toilet I might have not even known that I was able to stumble back to bed, swig a bottle of water and pass back out.

    Day 2: The following morning I awoke feeling alive for the first time in 4 years. I drank an ensure, eat my centrum and potassium. After about 30 mins I pop another 5mg Valium and go back to sleep for a few hours. Only to be awoken once again in about 5 hours to feeling ALIVE. This time I get up, take a hot bath (W/ Epsom salt of course) and head out onto the town for some food. First few solid meals made my stomach a little queasy but far from having the urge to puke. Hell, even the food tastes so heavenly. Throughout day 2 from time to time I would smoke me a bowl. I also took a trip to my new & day gym, and sat in steam room for a few hours. Swam a few laps even. By night time, I was wore, but a good feeling of wore. I had re acquainted myself with the real world and found so much beauty in the simplest things. I was content literally at just looking at the trees, feeling the wind blow etc. It was like I was a new person, in so short of a time. So I popped a 5 mg Valium and toked a bowl and within 1 hour I was asleep. No sweats, no RLS , NOTHING!

    Day 3: I was expecting to wake up feeling bad, puking or something because the process over the last few days was just to easy. Im thinking the half life has yet to kick in. I was wrong, I awoke feeling like I was in church singing with the choir the last few years. Literally. I popped 2.5 mg Valium anyways. But only after I followed my morning routine of ensure, vitamins and Epsom salt bath. From there I head down to Hotel breakfast and once again eat like I have not eaten in years. Stomach a little queasy, but not as bad as day before. Surprisingly I have energy, so I make use of it, I go to my new as well as go by a few malls and just walk around, acting and doing as a normal person, knowing I can go and do whatever I please and never EVER have to worry about my meds and being somewhere at sometime to take. I managed to eat 4 meals on day 3. Couldnt get enough, I was craving everything I saw, mouth just I followed those instincts as well as downing tons of liquids. As nighttime approached I followed my normal regiment of toking a bowl, popping a Valium (2.5mg Notice the 50% taper every day?) Watched some MADMONEY and was asleep by 11pm. Once again no RLS, or sweats.

    Day 4. Every day just seems to be more heavely than the day before. Only this time I do not wake up to Valium. Only ensure, Vitamins including, B6, Pottasium, St Johns Wort, 5 HTP and L-Taurine. Head out 1 hr later for solid breakfast. Stomach is virtually perfect after I eat. Again I stay out in public all day. Everything from steam room, swimming, eating, and more mall action. When night fall came I eat 2.5 mg valium, toked a bowl and was out within an hour.

    Day 5. Crucial day. Today I chose to be Valium free and Pot free day. I start my day off with ensure, Vitamins, B6, Potassium, 5 HTP, ST johns Wort and a very important amino. L-tyrosine. I felt a very mild malaise from the WD but I luagh at how minor it ws. The above mentioned PIlls really do wonders. Especially L-Tyrosine is your feeling a little tired or need some mental alertness. Stay busy all day, even if its doing what I did which was gym, driving around, swimming and eating. Just keep your mind active until nighttime. Tonight you may find it a little difficult to sleep. For this I recommend Melatonin. Double dose.

    Day 6 Contiue to repeat day 5's cation, possible adding a calcium supplement and doubling down on your 5 HTP, Potassium.

    Email me for questions...Id love to help
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