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How to cope with anxiety
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    Unhappy How to cope with anxiety

    I'm getting anxious about almost every little thing so I prefer not knowing about anything that can make me worry. I noticed I afraid from time to time that someone can die, for example.

    For now I use:
    • nootropic prodrug of GABA, not very powerful but I think still useful.
    • benzodiazepines occasionally

    I want to use physical exercises they helped me before, more being outside fresh air, don't want to use a-depressants anymore. I like anxiety in some way because it's not as powerful as some other conditions I had (in the past, severe) but it's not good and can increase this is bad.
    What else can I do? Any advice is welcome, thx.
    and how can I increase health of a brain (not intellectual just physical)?

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    I am worried now that I replied to that girl's thread with misinformation or that it will make things worse. Holy... gods.

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    You don't have to take drugs or be diagnosed with whatever to have an anxiety disorder. I don't take drugs, excel in many things I do and am on a Disability Pension for Anxiety.

    Obviously I am unemployable and certifiably so. I don't need to convince anyone here of that; those that matter have already done that. I'm just making a point.

    I choose to look at life differently which helps to keep myself balance without all this need the industry and those trapped in it create and take.

    I find it frustrating why people wish to infidelity with being mentally ill full stop - regardless of taking pills, success and or not.

    We live in a world that thrives on illness. Everyone wants the crown to being the sickest and challenged by those who suffer less. Is how we are conditioned and how our negative mindsets keep on living.

    So whilst I still get sick from time to time, my point of view tends to make it more a frustrating case when seeing others act this way.

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